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The Hottest Weight Loss Trends for Summer 2017

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The Hottest Weight Loss Trends for Summer 2017


Every year, the fitness and health community comes out with new discoveries and training regimes that help people lose weight and work for the body of their dreams. With the arrival of swimsuit season, it’s no surprise that people are all aboard the weight loss train again.

Since the summer months are usually filled with fun activities and vacations, our diets may take a toll with all the backyard barbecues, excessive alcohol consumption during reunion parties with old friends, and tempting ice cream cones sold on the beach pier.

Fortunately, successful dieting methods have made a serious mark for the 2017 summer. Additionally, the introduction of smart devices allows us to track our diet and activity progress, making inaccuracy in recording our calories and exercise activity a thing of the past.

These are the hottest weight loss trends that will take this summer by storm.

1. Subscriptions to pre-prepared meal services


Pre-prepared meal services are an incredible way to choose healthy and quality foods to eat each week if you have a hectic schedule and rarely any time to cook, or if you simply want to have a continuous consumption of healthy meals in general.

Food subscription services cater to an individual’s diet and weight goals so that the food acts as a tool to help them achieve those goals by specifically measuring their food intake to coincide with caloric recommended intake.

2. The use of smart devices and technology to track fitness activity


People can utilize smart devices – such as a step-tracking bracelet or phone app – to track their daily activity and record the calories they have eaten. This provides the user with an accurate tracking system of managing their health – like counting how many steps they take in a day, so that they can either decrease or increase their exercise activity the next day.

What inspires weight loss is the idea that information about one’s body can be accessible – which makes the process to lose and track weight less intimidating and complicated. Smart devices can also enable a user to share their accomplishments within the device’s community, engage in healthy competition between other users, and provide motivation and support to those same users.

3. The famous fat-burning lipotropic diet


If you’re looking to burn fat and gain some serious muscle, a lipotropic diet is your best friend. Within this diet, the individual sets to consume foods that are made up of lipotropic compounds, which are “fat-burning allies” that easily shed off extra fat on our body.

The compounds prevent and break down the storage of excess fat, purifies the build-up of harmful bile and toxins in the liver, balance hormone levels, and stimulate muscle growth so you can expect some serious gains. Examples of lipotropic foods include lean beef, flax seeds, and stone-ground wheat.

4. The wholesome Mediterranean diet


Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is close to being nicknamed the world’s healthiest diet? Rich with olive oil, lean proteins, and vegetables – you can bet that this is a delicious and beneficial diet to follow. An added fun bonus about the Mediterranean diet is that it encourages the occasional glass of red wine to boost heart health.

The Mediterranean diet also cultivates better cardiovascular health, reduces chances of developing depression and cancer, and prevents natural deterioration of the brain. Not only do you lose weight with the wholesome food of this diet, you improve your body’s overall physical and mental well-being!

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