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4 Routines to Try Rowing Workout At Home

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4 Routines to Try Rowing Workout At Home


Rowing is a great home workout for anyone looking to improve their fitness. However, if you are new to rowing it might be hard trying to figure out how you should start.

We agree that starting is always the hardest part but there are things that you can do to get you well on your way towards meeting your fitness goals.

The best part of rowing is that it is a full body workout as it mimics the motion of rowing a boat in water! Here are 4 routines for rowing at home workouts to try:

1. Live Classes

If you are a people person and need some (virtual) human interaction every now and again then live classes might be the perfect rowing routine for you to try.

These live classes are led by some of the best rowing trainers around and are often held in beautiful locations as well.

This is also great for people who need a bit of routine in their lives including a level of accountability and motivation.

Better than actual in-person fitness classes, you don’t have to sign up far ahead of time and spend a lot of time getting ready and traveling to where you need to go. All you need to do is just glance at the schedule, pick a class, sit down and get rowing!

2. Recorded Classes

If you need a little bit more flexibility in your life then you can try with recorded rowing classes for you at home.

This is perfect for those who might need to work out at weird hours when there might not be any live classes being held. At the same time, you still get some level of motivation and excitement by being in the moment with the amazing trainers.

3. Free Rowing

Perfect for the introverts who like doing things on their own, free rowing or “journeys” are definitely a rowing routine that worth trying too. These virtual rowing experiences place you in the middle of some of the most beautiful environments all around the world.

In a time when we can’t travel due to the Coronavirus, you can still feel like you are on the River Thames in London or on the Hudson in New York City! This is a really great opportunity for you to just relax and focus on the motions and the peaceful sounds around you to disconnect from the crazy world that we live in today.

4. Strength & Conditioning Classes

In addition to actual rowing classes, you can also try out strength and conditioning routines. While these classes take place on a fitness mat rather than on the rowing machine, it’s still a great way to work on your rowing stamina and strength in a different way.

This is also great for people who really like to mix their workouts up early and often to really get a wide variety of different exercises and muscles targeted.

In Summary …

Overall, there are so many different rowing routines for you to try out at home that you are bound to find at least one that you love and will help lead you towards meeting your fitness goals.

With such a large variety of different routines it’s also great for those who may get bored easily and want to mix it up with different classes, trainers, and locations – all without leaving your home for workout!

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