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You’re Getting Healthy Inside, Is Your Skin Keeping Pace?

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You’re Getting Healthy Inside, Is Your Skin Keeping Pace?


It has been quite some time since you have been working out to shed the extra pounds. Now, you can see yourself getting in shape and are feeling much better, that the extra weight has shed. As you start to see the pounds come off you may also begin to notice something else about your body.

Mirror admiration weight lossYour skin!

Yes, your skin will undergo many changes after you begin a workout which can range from saggy skin due to the weight loss to calluses because of lifting weights. While some of the changes to your body might be great, others are less than ideal.

So, now that you are feeling all good on the inside, it is time to look just as good on the outside. Let us have a look at some of the unwanted changes that our skin goes through and what we can do to fix them.

Skin Tags

variety-of-skin-care-products_eyovfkSkin tags are little extra bits of skin that can look like slim, flesh-colored moles. They are common, and while they may not look great, they are harmless. Skin tags form when the skin rubs against itself or some clothing. That is why we find it at skin folds like the armpit, inner elbows, the groin, under the breasts and the buttocks.

Some skin tags will fall off on their own, but most will remain indefinitely if you don’t intervene.

The Fix

There are natural skin tag removal products that can safely help to alleviate the symptoms of this common skin problem.

Loose Skin

If you lose a fair amount of weight or you experience catabolism because you’re burning more calories than you’re eating, then the loose and saggy skin you see around your arms, belly, thighs and face could be its result.

The loose skin around the face is caused by collagen and elastin breakdown. This is typically the case with avid runners that breathe heavily, which increases skin-damaging free radicals.Loose skin


You can get rid of loose skin but you must know that the treatment will largely depend on the actual cause. There are different ways to improve loose skin which comes as a result of working out. If the loose and saggy skin around your body is the result of losing a substantial amount of weight, then the only fix for it would likely be a surgical procedure. With the help of this procedure, surgeons can help you remove the excess skin on your body. This procedure is 

If the loose and saggy skin around your body is the result of losing a substantial amount of weight, then the only fix for it would likely be a surgical procedure. With the help of this procedure, surgeons can help people, with excessive weight loss, to remove the excess skin on your body.  

Other than going under the knife, there are many creams, massage oils, and other cosmetic products which can help you tighten your skin after weight loss if it is not drastic.

Calluses and Corns

prevent calluses and corns

When you lift weights without using gloves, the friction from the bars can cause calluses to form on the palms just below the fingers. Corns appear are on our feet, especially if you are a runner. This can especially happen if we wear shoes that poorly fit.

Calluses may appear to be blisters at first, but after a few workout sessions, these spots will begin to form hardened skin tissue. Some hardcore lifters want callouses to form, however, the majority of people don’t like the rough, tough skin patches.


You can avoid calluses because of workouts by wearing gloves or corns by finding a better-suited pair of tennis shoes. Corns and calluses can be treated at home sometimes. You can try removing corn and calluses by carefully shaving the excess tissue with the help of an emery board, a file, or a commercial corn/ callus remover.

However, If you are unable to get any relief from all the home remedies or if the corn or callus is extremely painful or large, then it would be recommended to go and get yourself checked with a primary care doctor or a podiatrist. 

‘Bacne’ (back acne)

Acne on the back is a common problem for many people who visit the gym. The reason, working out and sweating off all the toxins. But then all the perspiration can be hard on the skin. The heat that is generated when you are working out is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and hence acne and bacne.

backneIf you have sunscreen or makeup on it can clog pores, preventing the bacteria from escaping. Clothing that doesn’t breath well is also a problem. It can rub up against your skin and the friction will actually cause the sebaceous glands to produce excess, pore-clogging oil.

Clothing that doesn’t breath well is the prime reason for this problem. If your workout gear is not well- fit or breathable then it can rub against your skin and the friction will actually cause the sebaceous glands to produce excess, pore-clogging oil, which result in acne.


The most effective solution for clearing up ‘bacne’ is simple. Have a change of workout wear. Wear clothing that is loose and made of a breathable material. Many sports brands offer clothing suited to wick the sweat away from your body. Cotton is one such material. , and always shower right after your workout.

Another fix for back acne is taking a cold and hygienic shower right after a run or workout to wash away the dirt and always shower right after your workout. If the problem still persists, If you’re really at a loss, make an appointment with a dermatologist and they will hopefully help clear things up for you.


Exercises involve a lot of movement and action as a result of which a lot of friction is caused on the skin surface. More than often, due to the continuous workout the area usually starts looking red and raw and can get irritable to the point that it starts to bleed. Chafing can occur anywhere in the body and we need to be careful to not aggravate the skin.Chafing and workouts


Again, in this case too , to keep chafing from becoming a problem and hurdle in your workout sessions you will need a change of clothes. Clothing, in this case, has to be well-fitting and made of smooth materials and dry-fit material. Another important thing to remember is looking for tops and shorts that are seamless as well as tagless. For some people, compression garments help to stop chafing during workouts.

Skin Inflammation

It’s perfectly normal to have rosy cheeks right after a workout because your body temperature is up and blood is rushing through your skin.

However, If you’re predisposed to rosacea or sweat rashes (miliaria) then the redness could stick around. Aerobics is known to aggravate rosacea the most. This type of exercise increases the body’s demand for oxygen and results in higher respiration and heart rates.Inflammation of skin

These workout types encompass a wide variety of low- to medium-intensity forms of activity, such as jogging, swimming, and cycling.


Skin inflammation can be reduced by building up the collagen in your skin. Collagen is a natural protectant and can keep skin inflammation from occurring. One of the easiest ways to do this is to wash your face every day with extremely cold water. There are also prescription treatments that can help to correct the problem. 


Many of these skin problems are irritating, but they won’t affect your health. In most cases exercise is actually very beneficial for the skin and its underlying structure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, practicing good hygiene and wearing the right clothing is usually the most effective way to keep your skin looking its best.

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