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7 Health Habits To Start In Your 30s

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7 Health Habits To Start In Your 30s


The good thing about being 30 is that by 30, you reach the prime of your life. The bad news, however, is that you aren’t getting any younger. So don’t delay building up good health habits and start grooming yourself into a more disciplined health lifestyle:

1. Keep Work-life Balance By Setting Healthy Boundaries

Work is definitely important, however, you should avoid overloading yourself with it. Laying down healthy boundaries regarding work-life balance and sticking to them is paramount so you don’t burn yourself out.

If you’re suffering from an undiagnosed health problem, don’t let yourself dismiss it. Take the doctor’s opinion, and in few cases, you must seek a second opinion as well. Get control of your life and actively work towards long term goals like paying off debt, advancing your career and saving for your retirement.

2. See a Doctor Regularly

When you’re young, you often don’t see a doctor unless you’re injured or sick. Once you hit your 30s, you need to see a doctor every year or so in order to monitor your health. This ensures that any potential problems are identified early and treated. This is made easier by having health insurance. You can even choose a health insurance policy that incentivises checks up. You can easily compare health insurance policies with iSelect online

3. Learn To Cook Yourself Healthier Meals

There may be several reasons to learn to cook well. However, the important ones being:

  1. To help yourself switch to a healthier diet
  2. To save a lot of money

And if you know how to make your favourite meals, you can figure out how to make them healthier while tasting great.

4. Start Saving For Your Retirement

Now that you’re in your thirties, you should start thinking about retirement and at what stage in your life you think you might be ready. If you’re in poor health, it could hit in 20 years. If you’re in great health, it might be 40 years away.

Either way, you should start saving. Save at least 10 or 15 percent of your income for retirement. You should also start saving up a large emergency fund, since you’re more likely to spend several months hunting for a new job if laid off. And you’re more likely to be hit with large medical bills if a health problem arises.

5. Learn To Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean scheduling spa days or long vacations. It means eating healthier, drinking enough water and cultivating a better mental health. Don’t work until you burn out.

Stop trying to live off energy drinks because you think sleep is for the dead. Cultivate a love of learning to keep your brain active and remain relevant. Stop obsessing about perfection and not living up to the impossible standards presented by celebrities and social media.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol in excess.

6. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep has a massive impact on your health. And the harm caused by a lack of sleep is worse once you get older. You can’t stay up until midnight working or gaming. If you have kids you need to get them to bed at a regular time and go to bed yourself.

Don’t try to stay up late and hope that sleeping in on weekends is good enough, because it isn’t.

7. Get Active

You need to get up and get moving. Build fitness into your routine so that you don’t end up endlessly putting exercise off. You might want to start a strength training regimen to build up your bones and fight osteoporosis. Start walking so that your metabolism burns as many calories as possible when resting. Then you’ll fight the weight gain that often comes with age.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article. What other health habits do you think are important in your 30s? Let us know in the comments.

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