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4 Gym Workout Safety Tips To Follow During The Pandemic


4 Gym Workout Safety Tips To Follow During The Pandemic


Over the past year, many of us have seen a lot of disruption to our regular workout routines with gyms and fitness centers around the world temporarily closing their doors in order to reduce the risk of COVD19.

While things are beginning to get back to normal and gyms are slowly opening up again with some restrictions in place, it’s normal that you might be feeling a little bit apprehensive about going back to working out in a gym instead of at home when the pandemic isn’t quite fully over.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to make sure that you stay safe while working out.

1. Stick to Your Station

Many gyms are introducing barriers to create individual workout stations that you can use when exercising. Barriers from are designed from plexiglass and meant to provide a protective barrier between yourself and the other people who are using the gym.

Wherever possible, find a workout station that offers protection for you and other gym users and stay there for as long as you can. Make sure that the station is completely cleaned if you need to use it after somebody else.

2. Clean the Equipment

Since COVID19 can be contracted by touching a surface that has been touched by somebody with the virus and then touching your mouth or face, it’s important to ensure that all surfaces that you touch at the gym are cleaned beforehand.

Before using any shared exercise equipment like treadmills or exercise bikes, or any free weights that are there for everybody to use, spray them with some disinfectant / alcohol-based sanitizer spray and give them a wipe down. Many gyms are now providing cleaning facilities for customers to use, but you could always take your own wipes to be sure.

3. Wear a Mask

While working out in a mask might not be the most comfortable experience, it can certainly be gotten used to. Everybody in the gym wearing a mask can be one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of COVID19 since the masks will catch particles from the mouth or nose that could cause infection.

Many sports brands are now making face masks that are designed to be more comfortable and breathable for wearing while at the gym.

4. Keep Social Distancing

As much as you might miss getting together with your friends and working out at the gym together, it’s important to remember social distancing guidelines even when working out.

There’s no rule to stop you meeting with a friend in the gym, but you should always stay at least 6 feet apart from one another and everybody else in the gym while you are working out, entering and exiting the gym, or waiting for workout equipment to become available.

Many gyms have social distancing markers around the gym to make it easier for you to figure out where to go.

Final Thoughts

With gyms and fitness centers reopening, it’s normal that you might feel a little apprehensive about going back to working out in the gym after a year of exercising at home. Just keep these tips in mind and stay safe.

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