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Top 7 Motivations That Inspire The Gym Goers


Top 7 Motivations That Inspire The Gym Goers



Most of us are guilty of ignoring exercise and never going to the gym. May be you too hit the gym once, continued for a few days but then you quit. Let’s concede that slogging it in the gym is boring and you don’t like body aches too. And yet, you have often seen some people – they are just so regular and consistent every day. They hit the gym every day same time with the same rigor and the same passion.They just seem to love it so much to slog in the gym. They keep training on the treadmill, on the weight machine, on the mat, and everywhere. Seems as if they can’t live without it. This is where you ask yourself:

What inspires them so damn hard?
What gives them the strength and commitment to exercise?

What can their motivation teach a non-gym goer?

I hit the gym first time becoz’ I wanted to look better and I believe it is completely a fine reason to train. But strong motivation is not really about exterior influence, but about something interior , something that’s deep down in your heart.

One day in the gym, I went with the notebook and asked these committed gym goers the very same questions above. They were kind enough to share their story with me. I distilled their responses to come with the list below – The Top 7 Motivations of the The Gym Goers. (get the much needed gym motivation to go to the gym by reading what follows)

1. It keeps you in good mood

You’ll feel an instant emotional lift after exercise. Time and again, studies confirm that exercise and workout helps release happiness hormones ‘endorphins’[1] which leads to better mood and well-being. Many athletes have confirmed to experience something called ‘the Runner’s High’ – running induced euphoria after long hours of running.

The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck! ~Author Unknown

May be you should do better. Let exercise keep you fit and in good mood.

2. It releases built up energy & tensions

As people get into the Information Technology age, their 9 to 5 careers involves merely just sitting in a chair in front of a monitor that does no better than increasing the level of built up energy inside you leading to stress. The good thing about the gym is that it releases all those built up energies and tensions which you may have accumulated during the day. It’s so better to channelize your energy than letting it out in anger and negativity. It prevents depression too[2].

Nothing worthwhile happens until something moves. ~Albert Einstein

3. It gives more energy for daily chores and makes for a more manageable  life

Training increases your overall capabilities and makes you stronger and energetic. Being stronger, leaner, fitter and happier makes you better for most things. Helping your mom rearranging the furniture or a girl to open a container, it just gives that extra advantage.

4. It becomes a constant in one’s life.

Life is about highs and lows. You can go in and out of jobs, relationships, difficulties, illness etc and there’s lack of constants in your life. But regular visits to the gym can be just one of that thing that adds that little stability and structure to your schedule and become a constant in your life. A constant helps you become a more stable person.

5. It helps to tame the voice in one’s head and sets one up to win in life.

There’s a voice in your head that stops one from working and urges you to go out with your friends and have fun, the voice that tempts you to go easy on a Sunday because it’s Sunday. In exercise, you reach many points where you reach a resistance point when the inner voice tells you to stop, it is then you can take your chance to ‘fight back’ and not give in to every desire of that voice. If you tame this voice and keep pushing through resistance, your inner “will” gets stronger and you don’t give up in other areas of your life as well.

Inside the gym, you set and achieve goals then you get into a habit to set and achieve goals outside the gym as well. The goal setting and accomplishing cycle is a one important habit to inculcate. Winners set their eyes on the target and give their best to achieve it. There’s so much power in incrementalism. With every small victory, you set yourself up for the next bigger victory. That’s exactly how winners are made.

6. It helps one stay fit to look after their friends and family.

People closest to you are the ones who depend on you for your love, energy and compassion. Not taking care of your body is a disservice to them. Taking care of your self is the first step towards taking care of others. People closest to you deserve the best of you. Give them your best with daily workouts and gym.

7. It helps shape you to look sexy and attractive.

Of course, you should workout to look good. The ladies like a guy who’s got a strong physique. Similarly, a boy is attracted to a girl who possess the sexy figure. Daily workout routine helps you shape up for your best attractive self.

There could be so many more good motivations to hit the gym. If you don’t hit the gym, its high time that you should start now. If you workout yourself, compliments to you. Do us a favor by forwarding this to someone who doesn’t workout. They’ll thank you for it or just pay me with a tweet. 🙂


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