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How To Get Your Summer Body Ready?

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How To Get Your Summer Body Ready?


This pandemic has forced us to face some very unfortunate circumstances. Many of us are in financial crisis, have lost our jobs, gained weight, and are experience high stress and anxiety; kids cannot go to school, meeting friends and family is not safe anymore. All of these aspects have messed up our lives. It is difficult for all of us to cope with these hard times.

We should see the pandemic as an opportunity to stay at home, lose weight and become more productive in other areas of life. However, we have achieved the exact opposite of that. We sit around the entire day, watching Netflix, and stuffing our faces with food is all we do. Looking at our chubby bellies makes us sad; nonetheless, we stuff more food into our mouths while we cry about it. What do we do about all this fat hanging from our sides? It is ruining our confidence and self-esteem. Going to the gym right now is not a plausible option. How to lose weight at home?

We fail to acknowledge the fact that we are not forced to lock ourselves in our homes; rather, we have made this decision to keep ourselves and others safe. These are hard times, and it is our duty to find creative solutions. Yes, we can’t go to the gym, but we can start our weight loss journey right in the comfort of our homes.

In this article today, we will discuss ways to get rid of our extra weight and get in shape.

Maintain A Good Diet!

Did you know that our bodies 90% are the way they are because of our diet and the rest of the 10% depends on exercise? Therefore a good, balanced diet is the right way to begin losing weight and start towards achieving your summer body.

A good diet consists of greens, fruits, proteins, and a good source of hydration. Try having eggs and a slice of bran bread in the morning with a glass of milk followed by chicken, meat, or fish in lunch along with some fruit and hen som vegetables and meat for dinner. However, if you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you can always have kidney beans and broccoli as a source of protein. Also, make sure you eat foods rich in fiber as they increase your metabolism levels, which leads to healthy weight shedding.


Have plenty of water throughout the day. Doctors recommend at least 2 liters of water every day. The amount of water may vary from person to person. Some bodies require more, and some require less. But one should have 2 liters nonetheless. To know the amount of water you exactly need, calculate your BMI.

Furthermore, don’t rely on sources other than water for hydration. Fresh juices are good once a day, but nothing beats water. Be especially careful when taking bottled juices, energy drinks, or vitamin waters as they come packed with artificial sugars. It is understandable that the taste of water can get boring. However, you can always experiment and flavor your water by adding slices of lemon, ginger, strawberries, kiwi, etc., to it. Not only will these ingredients help boost the flavor, but they will speed up the weight-loss process as well. These flavored waters are called detox waters. Also, detox water can also help you score a natural glow on your face. Water is very helpful when it comes to losing weight or aching good skin. It drains out all the toxins from your body.

Snack Smart

Eating something in between meals is a regular occurrence in which we all indulge– everyone does that. When we are bored, our mind rushes towards the thought of eating something. Instead of eating a bar of chocolate or something unhealthier, grab some leafy green vegetables or fruits to snack on.

If you want to eat chips, make sure you put the chips in a Tupperware or a container to refrain from eating too much directly from the bag.


People detest working out, and this is why not many people indulge in any physical activity; however, working out is not the only method of exercising. There are other methods like Zumba, sports, swimming, cycling, brisk walks, dance, jogging, etc.

Also, Lying down in a room all day and watching movies can get boring. The pandemic has already made us depressed enough. Therefore, get up go out on a nice stroll or a jog. Breathing in the fresh air also helps improve the mood by 100x.

People think that they need to go to a gym in order to have access to the exercising equipment or to have a trainer. Although, This is completely false. All you need for exercising is an empty space and some good music. There are numerous workout videos available on the internet and that too for free.

People usually experience low energy levels when they workout; for that, you can have two bananas 30 minutes before working out or use kratom tea as your pre-workout. If you don’t know how to make tea, you can always search for kratom tea recipe on the internet—having coffee before a workout is not a bad idea either.

You can also consider getting kratom plant seeds and turn them into powder for smoothies if you wish.


Getting in your summer body shape is as much all about discipline. Maintaining a good diet, snacking smarter, staying hydrated, and regular exercise is all it needs.

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