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7 Funniest Reasons To Take Up Yoga


7 Funniest Reasons To Take Up Yoga


All we Yogis out there have taken up Yoga for some ‘serious’ cause or the other!

But, have you ever thought there are better and even more amusing reasons to take up Yoga for and glide through the journey happily?

Have jotted down a few funny ones for you…7 Funniest Reasons to take up Yoga

Legal Sleeping

funny-yoga-catsLet me start with the end!

Does your Mom wake you up at 6 every morning asking you to start your day early, making you forcefully move out of bed?

I totally empathise with you for having missed out on that sweet sleep! But, hey!

I’ve got a quick fix for it. Our very own – ‘Corpse Pose’ or ‘Savasana’.

I like to term it as ‘legal sleeping’ and it is a good punch on the faces of all those authoritative figures of the family (like mothers and wives) who think we oversleep every day.

Sunscreen Application

cow-face-poseWe have always been avoiding wearing backless dresses to beach parties. We don’t want to tan our back. Ladies, no more!

Introducing to you, the brand new ‘Sunscreen Applicator Pose’ a.k.a. the Cow face Pose or Gomukhasana. Get into this pose and Voila!

The back is all yours. Pour endlessly bottles after bottles of sunscreen and dare that bright Sun the next time you go out.

On your Fours

Friends, this is your chance to be more than just a stay-at-home couch potato.

Get into the ‘Table Pose’ and start moving all around on your fours. Use your mobility to look for that lost earring, pick up those smelly socks from under the bed or clean the carpet thoroughly. Transform yourself (with the help of Yogic Powers) into something useful and enjoy.

America’s Got Talent

America’s got talent and it’s reading this article right now.

Yoga can help you get through one of such funky reality TV shows and facilitate the display of your flexibility skills. How about performing the ‘Eight-angle Pose’ or ‘Astavakrasana’ and showing off to the world: “Yeah! Even I can do it and win some $1000000000 on this show.”

Bye TV, Hey Yoga

Two small girls doing YogaDo your kids refuse to get up early in the morning and exercise? Do they laze around watching TV whole day? Here’s an idea.

Plant your kid in front of you every morning and start your super quick 10-minute workout consisting of 20 Yoga poses – to make your kid understand the benefits of exercising! Yoga exercises would soon seem interesting to her and soon she would say Bye Bye TV! and Hi! to Yoga.

Yoga Pants

You get to wear hot Yoga Pants with cool tees to your Yoga sessions, so you should take up Yoga, I bet. Show off your health conscious self and your well maintained body to all your friends’ circle there and bag all the praises.

Workout on the Go

I feel, the best reason to take up Yoga as an exercise is that you don’t need to exercise at all. The routine activities that we do in daily life are simple Yoga poses that have so many benefits.

Did you ever realize that by just sitting on the floor in cross-legged position you are performing the Easy Pose (Sukhasana)?

Even while sleeping you are performing the Corpse Pose (Savasana). Standing in attention is Mountain Pose (Tadasana) being performed and bending down to pick up something on the floor is the Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana) and sitting on your haunches is the Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana). Great, isn’t it?

So it’s just so convenient to take up Yoga because you can easily get rid of the guilt of not working out!

Begin with the easy Yoga Poses like the ones I mentioned above and you will soon start loving it so much that you’ll drop me a comment in the box below saying “Thanks for Yoga-fying my life!”

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