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Using Exercise to Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

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Using Exercise to Boost Your Mental Wellbeing


We all know exercise is great for the body, whether it’s used to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or improve your overall fitness. However, it’s fantastic for your mental wellbeing too. Here are just some of the ways it can help.


Yoga breathing techniques

Yoga has a lot of benefits and one of those is improving our mood. This is partly down to yoga breathing exercises. These help the nervous system and can improve your sleep pattern, reduce stress and get you in the right mindset for exercise.

By getting your body ready, you will be better equipped to achieve yoga positions. It might seem unnecessary to learn breathing exercises, but these focus on belly breathing, and alternate nostril breathing, among other techniques. Did you know that those who tend to breathe more through their mouths can struggle more with their overall well-being? These yoga breathing exercises can help individuals manage their breathing habits and improve them!

The feeling of achievement

Whether you reach your first 5k, complete a marathon, or achieve a yoga position you were struggling with, the sense of achievement can give you’re a confidence boost and improve your mental wellbeing.

When you’re feeling low and like things are out of your control, your mood can spiral. By focusing on things you can improve, like exercise and your health, you build your self-esteem and feel stronger, mentally and physically. This can give you the strength to deal with other areas of your life.

A better sleep pattern

It’s impossible to think clearly if your sleep pattern is disrupted. So, any new exercise, or the yoga techniques used to promote sleep, will help you deal with problems with a clear head. You will also have more energy, be able to think rationally without losing your temper and making things worse, and be more able to resist things you know are bad for you, like alcohol, certain foods, and other temptations. Positive habits like exercise will always be better for your mental health.

Getting into a routine

If your mental health has taken a downturn, then it’s easy to lose your regular routine. Getting back into a routine can be challenging, but regular exercise can help you. By having a set routine and building on this, you can get back into following positive habits and practices.

As you push yourself to make the smallest achievements and gradually increase these, you will feel more prepared to return to regular activities you used to enjoy. Routine is important for a lot of things, particularly when managing your mental health and well-being. So, starting with something gentle like yoga and practicing some of the beginner positions, is a great place to start building on healthy and proactive routines.

Starting or returning to yoga or any other exercise isn’t always easy. However, after taking the first steps and feeling the benefits, this will provide motivation to continue. As you commit to this positive change, your mental well-being will improve.

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