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How To Use Kickboxing To Be More Confident


How To Use Kickboxing To Be More Confident


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Do you get bored with your daily workout routine? In order to make a workout more fun and less boring, it should be mixed with other activities to help you to get rid of those same boring day after day exercises. If you are thinking about adding something new to your exercise regime, you have infinite options. One of the best options is adding high-energy kickboxing exercise to your routine.

Kickboxing workouts combine boxing and martial arts practices with cardio that allows you to get a total body workout and shape your body in no time. Whether you are a gym enthusiast or fitness newbie, undertaking kickboxing exercise at least once per week can help you to feel re-energized and out of a rut. It offers flexibility, core, cardio and strength training in one equipment-free session.

There is no reason why you should not love kickboxing. Just imagine the kind of body you can get, when you burn an average of 800 calories an hour. This is not the end of it. Kickboxing has many benefits.


How can you benefit from kickboxing?

Kickboxing burns mega calories:

According to the muscle and fitness experts, kickboxing can burn over 800 calories per hour. As the metabolic rate is enhanced, it helps to burn fat and tone your entire body. The high-power cardio routine is great for losing excess body weight and gets you in shape as fast as possible.

Kickboxing boosts your energy level:

If you lack energy by the end of the day, kickboxing and its high-energy cardio routine can provide your body and mind with an energy boost. In any kickboxing routine you will breathe hard and sweat out toxins. Sweating out these toxins gives your energy level a much-needed boost.

Kickboxing reduces stress and boosts confidence:

As you kick and punch your way to a stress-free zone, the body movement challenges several core muscle groups and gives you a total body workout. This type of total body workout aides in reducing stress. Kickboxing releases endorphins, which lift your mood and help you feel more confident, into the bloodstream. Endorphins will make you feel positive and happier for several hours after your workout.[1]

Kickboxing improves coordination:

A kickboxing fitness routine challenges several muscle groups that do not get attention throughout the day and will in turn help to strengthen your core. If you are suffering from bad posture or poor coordination, this form of workout will improve your reflexes and coordination skills. The speedy kicks and punches in kickboxing makes you focus your energy to successfully execute each and every movement. The core muscles especially around the abdominal wall are targeted because you need to use your waist and abs for balance and execute each coordinated move carefully.

Kickboxing works out every muscle:

Kickboxing combines karate-type kicks with the art of boxing. Both alone are energetic workouts. It takes a lot of stamina and gives you the ability to workout both your upper and lower body. Stretching is one of the biggest transformational benefits and is mandatory in kickboxing. Because this form of exercise involves kicking and movements which you have not done before, it could lead to muscle stress if you do not stretch properly.

Important aspects of kickboxing


There are three primary kicks- front, side and roundhouse kicks. The best way is to achieve these kicks is by stretching to help increase your kicking range. Eventually you will be able to kick bags, pads or a punching dummy. While performing a multiple set of kicks, the leg muscles get toned because there is movement in the entire leg.


Punching involves the use of heavy bags, pads or speed bags. It is a combination of several punches such as, hook punch and quick jab, that helps to tone your upper arms, shoulder and chest. You will be able to gradually increase the speed and length of time performing these punches.

The core of your body including the abs and lower back muscle will get an unintentional workout simply from kicking and punching; however, a complete kickboxing workout includes strengthening the back muscle and abdominal through exercises such as side bends and crunches. Building the core will help your stamina grow and make your movements more precise.

It will not take long to see the benefits of this body transformation workout. Its popularity has increased all over the word causing the number of kickboxing workout franchises to also increase.

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[1] Harber VJ, Sutton JR. Endorphins and exercise. Sports Med. 1984 Mar-Apr;1(2):154-71. PubMed PMID: 6091217

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