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How To Befool Your Partner This Valentine’s – Economically


How To Befool Your Partner This Valentine’s – Economically


valentine's day

It should be evident from the title itself what will be discussed in this post. But I’ll elaborate for those who’re still combating to infer. This is a guilt free, suggestive post for saving you from spending hefty amounts on your partner this valentine’s. Okay, there’s no breach of trust in this, there’s nothing unethical either. You’re being miser with your finances and not with your love for your beloved. So relieve yourself from any strain or stress. As it is, love has nothing to do with materialistic luxuries. It’s an abstract feeling, and should be expressed that ways. So let’s do this! Save few dimes and infuse in some practical love this valentine’s. What follows is a ‘Why Not Feel Guilty Post’, telling you the notorious ways of spending less this valentine’s day.

For Men:

Guys you know you need this more than girls do. There’s no reason. Its basic ethics. Girls never pay for restaurant bills. I understand there are many luxuries that girls happen to savor by default. But don’t worry, you can pull off some expenses over this valentine’s day. This is what follows below:

1. Click Her

Girls are fond of getting clicked. It’s a bliss if they get someone to do that for them. Who could be better than their boyfriend. Girls drool over DSLR’s, even if they do not know a thing about it.

If you do not have one, borrow one from your best friend. But do not forget to mention it to your girl. And tell her how you got so thoughtful and asked your friend for his DSLR. Append ‘Just for you’, this sentence is sure to play its beauty :D. Clicking pictures is in these days. And Yay, its Free 😀

Don’t know how to photograph good? Checkout some prime photography magazines. You can get them here.

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

You’re just managing your bank account, there’s nothing wrong in doing that. Isn’t this all that we’ve been taught all our lives? It’s saving money, right !! And don’t think that makes you poor because you know why.

You can save all that money to invest on your wife only if your present girlfriend happened to reach that level. You can, therefore, spend that later :D. And see you’re making a soft copy of your memories.

2. Convince her to eat “OUT”:

Propose her to eat out at street vendors this valentine’s day. I’m sure that many girls will find this “OMG it’s so cute” 😀 without being aware of the mischievous plot underneath. Okay, skip proposing and being uncertain of her agreement or denial. You can just demand this off from her. Express how you wish to celebrate this valentine’s day in a different way and that you have an unnerving urge to get this accomplished by dinning at the street vendors. Make it sound romantic by choosing phrases like, ‘dinning under the stars’ and stuff like that. I’m sure you can do this better. 🙂

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

Don’t worry about the food quality. You can come over a day before and try those eateries out. Oh common, now you got to take this risk. Don’t forget you’re doing all this more of for your own self. Not exactly, but to quite an extent 😛

3. Make something instead of buying:

Instead of buying gifts, make her a photostory from your photographs, with a nice romantic song at the back drop. You do not have to work really hard for this. Even if you give her a decently bearable one, I’m positive she’ll appreciate it. Common she’s your better half 😛 she’s got to adore your efforts.

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

Now, stop feeling guilty of taking her innocence for granted. At least you’re trying. And there’s no harm in thinking about yourself too while considering her happiness as well.

4. Take Her Somewhere:

Take her to a place, where you can just sit ‘hand-in-hand’, or may be a little more. A lake? A Garden (sounds cheap though). Idea! Drive your car to a hill-top or to some elevated place (a panoramic view) and sit there and tell her how romantic it is to be there. Also add ‘with her’. Under no circumstances, I’m endorsing public displays of affection here but I believe that you know where to stop. Well, who am I kidding!! 😛

P.S – This suggestion does not imply a secluded place 😉

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

Doubtlessly, I don’t find any guilt-indulgence here. This can be made really romantic. It’s in the vicinity. Yet away from the city. With your partner. Eternal Bliss.

5. Best Idea Ever:

Take her to a party organized by a friend. Well, in this case, you can only pray that some of your friends are throwing a bash, unless you convince a friend for the same. Also, please make sure you’re invited and that you don’t gatecrash 🙂

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

If you do not agree with Suggestion number 2, have yourself assured of the food quality in this one. You get to booze, you get to eat, you get to share some warm, fuzzy and cozy dance steps with your beloved. No scope of guilt.

For Women:

For ladies, its more of an easy escape for you all. Do I need to mention the reason 😛 ? You are the fairer sex, you’re born with a silver spoon. Although you girls are better at saving money and apparently not wasting it :P, here’s what you can do to save even more this valentine’s day.

1. Get Creative:

Make something for your guy. A card. Kiddish? mmmm… may be a scrapbook then? Okay, all this is not so cheap, but neither is this expensive. I’m mentioning all these to save your money, and not to lock you wallets completely.

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

I don’t see any reason to feel guilty in making something orated for your guy. That too a hand-made effort. I wouldn’t have asked anything more from my girl had she gifted me this ;). And you may very well know how good you girls are with bestowing gifts. So go ahead with this.

2. Make something instead of buying:

He made you a photo-story of still pictures. You can do that with videos. Turn the camera towards you, with the video mode on. Your mobile phone can help you with this. Now, speak out everything you feel about your guy. Romantically. Emotionally. Sentiments stuffed. Burn a CD of this and you’re sure to lock your boyfriend for a lifetime commitment after this.

A bit of effort to be put in, but I’m sure you’re aware that this is an economic valentine’s post and not a ‘how to get rid of your partner’ post. So a bit of hard work shouldn’t be bothering you :)… At Least its cheap :P. No penny put in. Except the electricity powering your computer or laptop, yet full of love 🙂

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

Another guilt free suggestion in a series. You girls are really lucky with escapism, without having to do anything 😛

3. Get Clicked:

You are very well eligible to play this trick :D. Insist on getting clicked as much as you want. I’m sure you fairer sexes are stern when it comes to getting your demands accomplished. This suggestion is only to be applied if you’re sure that your boy friend would also be reading the same post :P. That means if you know your bf is miser :D. Probably that’s why you both are together, both misers (maybe) !! 😀

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

If we assume that your boyfriend would also be reading this post, then you can calculate the amount of time you both are going to waste in this activity :D. So no scope of guilt. And if by any chance your guy does not read all this, then you have many options open. Either continue making soft copies of your memories, or you may as well leave it to your guy to decide what to do next :P. So see, there’s no reason left for you to sink in any sort of guilt 😀

4. Seek Sympathy:

Go emotional over some mishap or family crises. This is a defense for not being able to gift him something. This is mentioned because you’re best in this :D. Emotions and stuff 😛

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it?

He’s your boyfriend, and I can vouch for their ‘silently listening’ abilities !! He’ll definitely understand and say that it is a matter not to be mentioned. Also, if he really loves you, all he’d want from you is you, and not some xyzee priced possession 🙂


Do not overdo this and neither over react :P. In the process of your ‘save money mission’, do not forget its a valentine’s day and not a ‘please sympathize me day’. Too much sobbing might spoil the broth 😛

5. Cook:

I don’t think I need to elaborate this. Completely free of guilt and full of love. With extra mozzarella cheese and mayonnaise gravy, your guy will get busy licking fingers most of the time. Obviously, his fingers 😛 and you’ll be saved of pleasing any further ;).. You may as well lure your partner with some aphrodisiacs> 😉

Added benefit:

Like boys, you will not have to worry about how to convince your partner to eat at the street vendor 😀
Now, you boys and girls go and celebrate the most economic valentine’s day of all times 🙂


This post might sound more like a synopsis of some super miser valentine project. But the concealed truth is that

Love is not about giving tangible but abstract gifts. It’s the certainty of being together, no matter what. Gift them anything but you will not be able to gift them anything as priceless and valuable as your time and heart.

So this valentine’s day, show your beloved that your love for them can not be measured by the magnitude of what you gifted them. Express. Communicate. Love. That is what I feel, should be an ideal gift for your valentine.

You’ve got some free suggestions now for freely celebrating your valentine’s day that too for free 😛 .. Now after reading such a freely light-headed article, I’m waiting to hear from you in the comments below
how financially stable your valentine’s day go 😀

You’ve been qualitatively brainwashed. You are good to go now. Bing Bang Bo! 😀

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