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Eating Clean- The Beginner’s Guide


Eating Clean- The Beginner’s Guide


What do you know about clean eating?

eating clean

We have all heard of this expression before and have got some idea of what it means. But, all we hear or say are common excuses like, “it sounds hard and expensive to achieve”.  Taking care of our bodies has become a task.

We do not have time for our bodies because we are either too busy or distracted. We keep forgetting that our bodies withstand all the chaos of our lives. This way our best years pass too and more problems will ensue.

Many youngsters neglect taking care of their body before anything bad happens. This can be something like an illness or health condition that can lead to discomfort, pain, and premature death.The importance of what we eat and how we do so, is one of the most important habits that will shape our bodies and lives. This is why it is crucial to do it right.

For all the reasons stated above, today we will talk about the 101 of clean eating. We will talk about what it is all about, how to go around it, and some insider tips on how to do it right. Hoping that by the time you finish reading this article you understand that eating well and taking care of yourself are both not difficult. Furthermore, it is vital for a long and good

What Is Clean Eating Anyway?

Well, here the term pretty much explains itself. In a nutshell, eating clean means getting rid of everything that makes you overweight. It also means, to overcome craving for bad food and focusing instead on eating what is good for your body and metabolism. To be clear from the start, clean eating is not a fad diet. Yet, it will help you lose and maintain a healthy weight without trying hard. But it’s important to understand that eating clean is a way of life.

There are many levels of following through with this nutrition quest. Some prefer vegetarianism or veganism, while others settle for eating everything in moderation. When you’re striving to eat and be healthy, your focus must always be on food that is best for you, rather for what you crave.

You should arrange your diet habits and life in such a way that eating clean does not act as a burden. It should be something that is organically incorporated into your everyday routine. With that said, it’s important to note that clean eating will be a little different for everyone, because everyone has a different metabolism from one another.

You can always talk to a nutritionist and determine what you can and can’t eat, so that you can shape your diet around it. But, this is not a must, and you can always experiment on your own to find what feels good.

What (not) to Eat?

Clean eating means that you should steer clear of all processed foods. The reason being, they do not benefit your metabolism. They only result in unnecessary fats, sugars, sodium, and artificial coloring. We won’t even mention the minuscule portions of poisonous ingredients, which if ingested every now and then, can deteriorate the balance of our metabolism. Instead of junk food like sweets and snacks that only increase your craving, focus on the clean and high-quality food.

As you might have suspected, the focal point of eating well are fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean meats and protein that not only sustain your body but are also literally food for thought and enable you to function better. Eating these foods will not only make you feel good in your own skin, but they will help you get rid of all the sneaky cravings for the junk food as well.

You will purge your body from all the piled up fats and toxins and leave room for boosting your metabolism that will in time become faster and much easier to work with. Eating clean is excellent for more active people as well, so have no fear that just because you got rid of all those extra carbs, you won’t have any energy, on the contrary.

You will still get all the energy-packed nutrients you might need, only instead of highly processed sugars and complex carbs, you will supply your body with vitamins and minerals that can only be found in fresh fruits, vegetables and greens.

How to Get Started?

Say no to “enhanced food”

Nobody except food manufacturers, can even begin to guess what goes into highly processed food. We’ve got the ingredients on the labels, sure, but more often than not, the information is vague and incomplete. Not knowing what we eat is one of the problems that are constantly being swept under the rug of not caring enough, but eating clean gets you off this track.

Anything and everything that is mass produced or modified in any way isn’t your friend. This means that the product you’re buying and eating has been tampered with in factories and labs and gods only know how the final result that ends up on your plate was made. So, instead of reaching for emulsified, frozen foods devoid of all the nutrients it should have, go for the whole foods, the fresh produce that was grown naturally.

If you’re in doubt of what you should or shouldn’t buy, simply avoid mass produces foods and head out to farmer’s market as often as you can. There you’ll be surrounded by all the organic goodies and won’t be tempted to reach for that bag of chips that’s been calling out to your from the shelf. Also, don’t fool yourself with low-fat, no-sugar, dietary products because you’re basically just swapping one evil for another, as those foods are packed with hidden carbs and fats. Keep it simple, organic and in the department of whole foods and you can’t go wrong.

Embrace Your Inner Chef

One of the big reasons why people go for highly processed food is the fact that they either haven’t got the time to cook or they don’t know how. Eating out is costly and we often like to let ourselves go when we’re in a restaurant, but this practice only leads to having much less money in your bank account and making excuses about not eating clean.

Don’t condone to excuses and give your best to spend more time in your kitchen. Even if you’re a novice in the art of cooking, practice makes it perfect and there are tons of great recipes out there that were tailor made for cooking beginners. The meal doesn’t have to be complicated to be tasty and healthy, all you need are the right ingredients.

A good practice we always recommend to everyone is to work on meal prepping, especially if they haven’t got the time to do the cooking during the weekdays. When you prepare your healthy meals in advance, there’s much less chance that you’ll be tempted to go for something that’s not good for you.

Meal prepping will not only save you a lot of time and enable you to eat healthily, it will keep the money in your pocket as well, because it’s much more affordable. If all else fails, you can go for vegan food delivery in toronto, just make sure you order something wholesome and healthy instead of Chinese food.

How Do You Perceive Your Food?

This is a major point that goes beyond you creating clean eating habits, but is still closely intertwined with them. It’s very easy to discard vegetables as lacking in flavor and fruits as an inadequate substitute for sweets, and therein lies the root to all of our problems.

Somehow eating clean has become villainous and not good enough, while highly processed food became something to crave. Unfortunately, that’s got a lot to do with the eating habits we had while we were growing up, but that can all be turned around quite effectively if you choose to put some effort into it.

Eating clean doesn’t necessarily mean that you should never have a cookie or ice cream in your whole life, just make sure that even when you’re indulging yourself, you know where the food comes from. Bake those cookies from the scratch, make that pizza and share it with friends, there’s nothing wrong with it, only do it moderately.

Balance is the one rule of clean eating and once you get it right, not just your body, but your way of thinking and perceiving reality will change too and you’ll come to appreciate what’s good for you more.


Eating clean is a habit, and as such, it should be nurtured. It will take time and willpower to get around all the temptations of highly-processed foods that surround us, but once you do, the benefits of clean eating will help you never to look back.

Start small, simply by incorporating more fresh produce into your everyday diet, then work your way up toward healthier snacks, smaller but regular meals and push out all the junk food that doesn’t serve you. Your sense of well-being will be the best possible sign that your clean eating habits are setting you up for success and this is where a diet becomes a lifestyle.

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