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To Drink Or Not To Drink – Fun Facts About Alcohol


To Drink Or Not To Drink – Fun Facts About Alcohol


To drink or not to drink. That is the question, I asked myself every weekend. ‘M sure many of us do that too before letting ourselves into a little guilty indulgence week after week. Anyways, my search for valid reasons to drink or avoid it altogether, confused me all the more about what to do. to my sheer surprise, I found some really fun and absolutely random facts about alcohol that ‘m gonna share here with you.

Drink to:

1. To re-live History

“In 1964, Bourbon was declared the official spirit of the United States by the Congress.” May be that’s why their national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner,” was also composed on the tune of a drinking song!!

2. To make History

“No great story ever started with someone eating salad.” Ever heard it happening the other way round?!!

3. To avoid the highest cause of death, Heart disorders

“Roughly 80,000 deaths are related to alcohol abuse every year. Thus, making it the third highest cause of death in the U.S.” Anyways, its better to die drunk than from a heart break. What say?

4. To prove that you have more muscle mass

“As muscles contain more water, they readily absorb more alcohol from bloodstream. So, Individuals with more muscle are less affected by alcohol.” Hulk certainly has a lot of advantage here!

5. To health in compact packages

“There are 13 minerals that are essential for human life, and all of them can be found in alcohol.” Even the word “toast,” means wishing good health. Do you know in ancient Rome, a piece of toasted bread was dropped into wine to symbolize this.

6. To connect with aliens on a much deeper level

“There is a cloud of alcohol in the outer space which is enough to make four trillion-trillion drinks.” That might make many of you check their bank accounts to make sure they have sufficient money to have a one-way trip to space.

Don’t drink to:

1. To have an impaired judgement

You obviously don’t wanna drink and drive or indulge in unintended sexual activity, violence, or other dangerous behaviors.

2. To die a tragic and of course disgusting death

“Vomiting is part of the automatic defense system of the body activated to prevent more alcohol from being absorbed” And surprisingly, thousands of people have died from choking on their vomit after uncontrolled drinking. Not to forget, Alcohol poisoning.

3. To get date raped

“If a man and a woman drink the exact same amount, the woman is more likely to get drunk and feel it.” Blame the hormones of course! Moreover, One shot of vodka has as much alcohol as an entire beer. So ladies, be careful!

4. To disrespect coffee, its our Monday survival potion!

Frederick, the Great (king of Prussia), was so mystified by alcohol that he almost banned coffee in an attempt to get everyone to drink liquor instead.”

5. To have an ‘alcohol stream with traces of Blood‘. LOL!

“Alcohol goes directly to the bloodstream, which is why it effects every system in the body.” That explains the amazing performance on dance floor without no formal training or even rehearsal.

6. To become less smarter

“Recent research has shown that drinking alcohol shrinks the brains of mice.” Great! Six upvotes, and six down. Duh!! To drink or not to drink. The question still continues to elude me. What about you??


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