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Does CBD Support Gaining Muscles & Boosting Stamina?


Does CBD Support Gaining Muscles & Boosting Stamina?


Building muscles and boosting stamina requires a combination of proper diet as well as exercise. Part of this diet is the use of supplements to boost muscle growth.

Researchers claim that Cannabidiol or CBD oil is among the dietary supplements that aid in muscle growth and athletic performance.

CBD is one of the extracts from the hemp plant, otherwise known as marijuana, the other being Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that has psychoactive properties that makes individuals get high. Those properties are not present in CBD. 

Sports people who include athletes, soccer and rugby players as well as body builders can use CBD oil to aid in their muscle growth.

Before we get into how CBD aids in muscle growth, it is important that we understand how supplements work.

There are two main categories of supplements:

  • anabolic
  • anti-catabolic

Anabolic supplements or steroids facilitate the production of anabolic hormones that catalyzes the adoption of proteins leading to rapid muscle growth. These supplements, however, are not the best in muscle growth since much as they stimulate the muscles, they are unable to prevent muscle loss or even sustain this growth. 

Anti-catabolic supplements on the other hand sustain growth of muscles as they inhibit muscle loss and boost energy. The supplements are able to achieve this by reducing the synthesis of catabolic or muscle wasting hormones.

Gaining and maintaining strength is not only a matter of gaining muscle, but also ensuring that you do not lose the muscle. Muscle loss is facilitated more by the use of anabolic supplements. Nutritionists advice that using anti-catabolic supplements is more beneficial than using anabolic ones.

Here are a few ways in which CBD oil helps in muscle growth. Apart from that, the related website has tips on how you can get the best quality CBD oil. 

CBD Balances the Production of Cortisol

CBD oil is an anti-catabolic supplement. In fact, nutritionists claim that it is one of the best in this category.

One of the ways in which CBD aids in muscle growth is the reduction of the cortisol or stress hormones in the body. Cortisol hinders the growth of muscles. If the levels of this hormones are lowered, there is a free flow of energy which boosts an individual’s endurance and stamina. The body is, thus, able to carry out intense workouts that require lots of energy and stamina promoting the rapid growth of muscles.

CBD oil should be used pre-workout to lower cortisol levels and power up the body to put in more work. Cortisol is beneficial for our body. The hormone enhances short term memory and regulates the level of sugar in our blood. CBD helps maintain the balance of this hormone. 

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

CBD is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels resulting to less insulin secretion. Lower levels of insulin results to less glucose being converted into fat and more fat being burned into energy. Since more fat is burned, the body develops more muscles as the fat reduces. This also boosts your stamina and encourages you to lift more weight or engage in more intense workout gaining more strength and muscle as a result.

CBD oil also helps you recover quickly after an intense workout. It reduces inflammation and pain associated with intense workouts allowing your muscles to grow quickly and enabling you to workout more days. 

Induces Sleep to Enhance Muscle Growth

There are so many people who struggle with getting deep and restful sleep. Studies show that nearly 25% of Americans are unable to get such sleep. Since cortisol levels are usually lowest during sleep, this is the optimal time for our muscles to grow. CBD oil works on the Endocannabinoid System that is responsible for controlling mood and sleep. It controls or rather reduces cortisol inducing a person to sleep hence enabling muscle growth. This indicates that CBD has a direct effect on muscle growth since it can help athletes get deep and restful sleep and have their muscles break down and grow. It also enhances mood, thus, boosting one’s stamina. 

CBD Boosts Stamina Directly

Recent studies show that the endocannabinoid system facilitates what is popularly known as the “runner’s high”.

Contrary to previous studies that gave endorphins the credit for this feeling, it has been discovered that it is a compound called anandamide that occurs naturally in the endocannabinoid that is responsible for this boost in energy. 

We have seen the benefits of CBD oil and what it actually does to help you grow muscles, enhance your training and boost your energy.

But make sure you carry out some research and take advice from a doctor or a registered practitioner to get the best quality of CBD oil for you to enjoy these benefits. 

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