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The Ultimate Guide To Conquer Your Laziness


The Ultimate Guide To Conquer Your Laziness


It is only natural for you to feel lazy at times, as long as it is a momentary feeling there’s nothing to worry about. But, if it becomes a habit for you to feel lazy all the time then you really need to make some serious changes.

Before telling you how to overcome laziness, it is important that you know what laziness actually is. It is usually a state in which you lack the energy and desire to do anything (or something in particular) and you often act indifferent during such a state.

And the best way to get over this physically lethargic state is to jump out of the bed and get started with some adrenaline-pumping workouts! You will be amazed to see that your feeling of laziness is gone in just a few minutes of exercising.

Come on! After all, everyone who has landed with a great figure, began their first day of exercise only by saying to themselves, “I can do it!”

So, How Do You Overcome Laziness?

The good thing about laziness is that you can get over it. But how you ask? Well, there are a few changes that you need to make that include:

Focusing On Few Things At One Time

One of the biggest reasons for feeling lazy is because you often make a long list of all the things that you need to do or achieve. It overwhelms you when you cannot check out on all the items in this “list”.

Why don’t you focus on 2-3 things instead and get it done right then and there? For one, you will not feel at a loss, and setting a few goals will make it easy for you achieve these goals which in turn, motivate and inspire you to set more goals.

Taking Time to Enjoy and Relax

It sure does sound ironic but it does work. Often, you feel lazy because your task seems too tough to complete. Instead try to relax by engaging activities that you enjoy. This will make you feel satisfied. And once you are satisfied you will get the willingness to challenge yourself to complete your tasks, no matter how big they are.

Working Out

workout to overcome laziness

Workout is the easiest and simplest solution for overcoming your laziness. There is no need to figure out anything when it comes to exercising. All you have to do is take a deep breath and say, “I need to start exercising!” And you can start right away with a short run around your house or try push-ups in your room.

Workout is the best way to get over that looming state of lethargy and inertia, and can motivate you to willingly put more effort to get into the right shape.

Exercise With Other Fitness Enthusiasts

This is one thing that will motivate you to exercise on a daily basis. Also, the good thing about having friends with you during workout sessions is that they can support you when you feel down or to help you fulfill your goals.

Changing Your Attitude Towards Working Out

Once you have made up your mind to exercise your way out of laziness, it will all come down to your attitude towards working out that will decide how long to get a six pack you’ll need. Take note of the following steps that will help you develop the right attitude towards exercising:

First Step: Setting Your Goal

You need to work hard for some good time to get a bodybuilder’s figure. And if you are just getting started, it is best you start with short term but solid targets. As you achieve each goal you will move closer toward the bigger goal that you have set for yourself.

Second Step: Don’t Let Negativity Affect You

Needless to say but what people think of you really doesn’t matter. So, stop taking negative comments or criticism to your heart. Rather you should fuel your positive dreams with all the negativity around you.

Third Step: Don’t Quit


You should never give up despite all the troubles along the way. It sure is very tempting to throw in the towel but whoever said that reaching your goals would be easy? Make your mind strong and develop a positive attitude towards what you want to achieve and you will win eventually!

Exercises That You Can Start With


As a beginner, you don’t need to hit the gym right away. Start with walking. You won’t need any equipment, just a pair of good shoes! And when you start walking you can cover small distances first that may last as long as just 30 seconds. But as you continue with your walks every day you will find that you can cover more distance without feeling lethargic.


Another great exercise to start with, you can use swimming as an excuse to get of your house (if you don’t have a pool at home). You can just walk in the water first (which is a bit tough) and then move on to improve your stamina by swimming. But it will take regular practice and patience.

Weight Training

Once you have gained some confidence by swimming and walking, you can take the leap and try out bodyweight chest workout for beginners. Push Ups, dumbbell bench press and barbell bench press are some of the best chest workouts for newbies.



After walking for some time, you can start with running. It helps you burn more calories and is good for your heart. You will also feel the laziness fade away as you keep running regularly.

Common Mistakes During Workout That Can Make You Lazy:

You’re Skipping On The Warm-up Before Workout

Don’t miss out on the warm-up as it makes your body ready for the exercise regime and helps blood to flow faster throughout your body, resulting in pumped up muscles.

You’re Over-training

The general belief that working out for longer hours will give you better results is WRONG! On the contrary, excessive workout can harm your body as you deprive yourself of the much-needed rest. It is important to recover from physical wear and tear so that you can continue with your workouts for effective results.

You’re Continuing With The Same Exercises

Challenge yourself if you want to achieve your goals. If you don’t keep changing your regular exercises then you WILL feel lazy and eventually give up when you don’t see any progress in your body.


It is up to you to get your body moving and stop lazing around. Your mind is the biggest blockage to your active life. Once you are able to convince your mind, you will soon forget those days when you were trying to overcome laziness.


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