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Clean – The Olympic Weightlifting Technique You Should Know About


Clean – The Olympic Weightlifting Technique You Should Know About


Olympic-style weightlifting aka Olympic weightlifting is an athletic sport, in which a barbell (a weight) is lifted by snatching or thrusting from the ground to the overhead with both outstretched arms.

The clean is an exercise or movement in which a barbell is transferred from the floor or the slope to the chest or shoulders.

Why Clean?

Clean is one of the supreme disciplines of weightlifting that has been practiced since the end of the 19th century. In recent years, it has evolved from a niche to a fitness trend. This weight training has also become increasingly popular among recreational athletes.

To prevent injuries in this complex movement, a precise knowledge of the technique and the exact movement sequences are indispensable. Oleksiy Torokhtiy has released a new exclusive program called “Clean Masterclass.” Try this weightlifting clean technique with a professional trainer. if you want to build up muscles effectively and improve your strength, you simply cannot avoid this discipline.

The Exercise Terms

Repositioning (rep) of the barbell with the clean exercise is performed either from the slope or from the floor. The “slope” means the rep does not start on the ground but just above the knee. Depending on how the exercise is performed, it is important to distinguish between its certain variants. The terms “muscle clean”, “power clean”, and “squat clean” determine at which point the barbell is caught.

A correct clean (whether from the slope or from the ground) is divided into several consecutive movement phases. These are:

  1. 1st pull phase – transition scoop,
  2. 2nd pull phase – catch phase,
  3. And the third phase – regrouping (downward movement).

In addition, there is start and catch, which is a starting point and end position.

Grip and Grip Width

clean - arms straight

The width of the barbell bar grip during the clean exercise is a personal choice. A thumb length distance to the knurling on the bar can be a good grip width. Depending on the body’s peculiarities, you can grip it with fingers narrower or wider. Use a hook grip to have a good hold on the bar.

To learn more about the Clean, you may talk to a trained instructor for guidance.

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