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Rewarding Careers That Help People Achieve Weight Goals


Rewarding Careers That Help People Achieve Weight Goals


If you’re passionate about helping others achieve their desired weight goal and haven’t yet mapped out your future, there are many exciting and rewarding careers that you can pursue. Working in a field where you can impact someone’s life in a positive manner is beneficial to all involved. Most of these jobs only require a few years of schooling, allowing you to earn your degree and then realize your dream quickly.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

A personal trainer is an excellent career for anyone who understands the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and having a fit body. They generally work at gyms or fitness centers, but some who have their own business even attend homes.

A personal trainer assesses each client by what the best weight and muscle mass is for them. They combine cardiovascular, flex and resistance exercises to help their clients reach their goals. They also help guide individuals with nutrition and set up a balanced diet catered to them.

A personal trainer can work one on one or have small groups of clients at once. This is a great career path for anyone who loves physical fitness and wants to encourage others through personal training that anyone can get fit and stay fit through discipline and self-control.

Nutritionist and Dietitian

Many people are overweight not due to genetics or over-eating, but by simply eating the wrong foods. Too much of any particular food is not good for the body. What a nutritionist does is reviewing their client’s current diet and then instruct them on how to change it to lose the weight and become healthier.

A nutritionist goes through schooling and learns how the body works. They pass this on to their clients with their vast wealth of knowledge on how metabolism, genetics and diet all factor into your health. Nutritionists often work at schools, hospitals, colleges and fitness centers, but many have their own office and practice.

Massage Therapist

Becoming a massage therapist is a rewarding job for anyone who wants to help others enjoy a better quality of life. Massage therapists often work at five-star hotels, in spas, franchised clinics, medical offices and fitness centers.

This is a growing profession that now finds many of them working out of their homes or packing up portable tables and other massage equipment and traveling to clients’ homes.

A massage therapist has many hours of training under their belt. They know techniques to help relieve pain, speed recovery times for injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress and improve relaxation. In the fast-paced world of high-stress jobs, a massage therapist gives their clients a way to unwind and find relief.

Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

This is a wonderful career for those who want to help people not only reach their weight and fitness goals but also change their mindset. It’s a role where you motivate individuals to take charge of their life and make lifestyle changes for now and the future.

In this career path, you teach your clients that everyone has the ability to change their current status and create realistic long-term weight management goals. The training and schooling that you need vary by job, but the focus of every position is the importance of the three vital areas for a person’s success including exercise, nutrition and lifestyle change.

The program teaches students to assess their clients’ fitness levels and their desire for real change, as well as to learn each individual’s training needs.


With advancements in technology and fast-food restaurants popping up one nearly every corner, people who have a real passion for helping others get healthy are in high demand. The good news is that there is a wide range of career choices available.

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