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Can Supplements Help Quit Smoking ???


Can Supplements Help Quit Smoking ???


supplements help quit smoking

Q.  Can Supplements Help Quit Smoking?

A. Cigarettes are very sensitively and deceitfully created to be addictive[1]. Nicotine is one such chemical used in cigarettes which imbalances the blood sugar level of your body. You yearn for a cigarette every time your blood sugar level descends & increases the risk of cancer[2], But there’s a solution to get rid of cigarettes. Chromium bags the first position. It is the most effective nutrient that copes up for your cravings to go light a fag. Consuming 200 mcg of chromium everyday can fetch you positive results. 2g of Vitamin C everyday aids in protection against the cancer causing toxins found in cigarettes. Vitamin C also helps detoxify your body. Niacin intake for the time period you are trying to quit smoking helps you crave less for cigarette. Niacin removes toxins from blood by dilating blood vessels.


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