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The Busy Person’s Guide to Fitness – It’s Out!!


The Busy Person’s Guide to Fitness – It’s Out!!


Only if I could steal 5 minutes of exercise time from my busy schedule… 1-2-3 hmmphh….1-2-3 hmmphh..


Only if I could stick to my vegan diet plan in every city I visit, and keep my intake in check…

When my mind tells me to relax and calm down, what if I could actually do that?

Breathe in…breathe out…its simple, yet seems daunting when you are stressed.

What would an arthritis and backache free world look like?

If you have ever fantasized about being healthy, or relaxed, or just being a little more flexible, then you are not alone. You, in fact, are like the other 79 (out of 100) who takes the train to work each day.[1]

You want to be healthier, but…you are busy!

Some of you must have read every webpage on the internet, subscribed to health magazines and have got their inboxes flooded with the latest trends in fitness, but never tried any. Why may I ask?

Or let me answer that – You are busy. Period.

Trust me, we, at Workout Trends, are no different from you. Except that we read every post dropped into our inbox, tried the tips, and compiled them in form of a succinct eBook, which is meant for people like us – who are busy – be it in any profession or geographical setting.

If I say, its your health fantasy materializing, I’m definitely exaggerating.

However, it’s nothing less than that either. Have a look at how you’ll be leveling up your life with it:

The Busy Beginner’s Bible To Fitness

Chapter One: Body Basics

Without an understanding of alphabets, can you write a song?body basics

With a similar idea in mind, we wrote this chapter which will inform you on how your body gets energy and adapts (read: benefits) from exercising. And, once you are aware of how your system operates, you’ll be ready to design your own fitness plan that you’ll never want to quit.

Chapter Two: Designing an Actionable Fitness Plan

Fitness, diet, treating ailments – the cookie cutter approach does not work here. This is why people prefer personal training. But can you always have your way?

Well, after reading this chapter, you can! It lists tips to get you started, introducing you to the various aspects of staying fit, and empowers you to be your own fitness instructor.

Chapter Three: Staying on Track

When I said you were like the other 79 from 100, do you know only 10 of them stick to their health routine?

Before writing this staying on trackchapter, we outlined the various factors that makes the rest give up: Impulsive investments and distractions like weekends and holiday seasons were the biggest culprits.

This chapter targets them and shells out ways through which you can invest wisely in health, enjoy the get-togethers, and still stay healthy.

Chapter Four: Rest, Recovery and Injuries

What good will a month of exercising and control on cravings be if one day you twist your ankle and regain all lost weight in a week? Or what is the benefit of jumping and thumping and fitting into that dress, if on the D-day your muscles feel too sore to carry your weight?

Exercise is important, but doing it safely and effectively is important too. This chapter highlights techniques that will make your every move count while explaining how one should take rest.

Chapter Five: Keeping Up With Nutritionkeeping up with nutrition

Health is incomplete without diet and nutrition. From the final chapter you can learn how to make and plan a smart grocery list, understand labels, and survive holiday season.

And as a bonus, we included ten basic exercises of each type, in Appendices, which anyone who lies in 6+ to 60+ age bracket can easily do.

AE.1. Warm up and cool down

AE.2. Strength Exercises

AE.3. Stretching Exercises

AE.4. Balancing Exercises

AE.5. Relaxation Exercises

AE.6. Deskercises

AE.7. Fitness Test (Reference tables)

Health insurance is not the only way to make a ripening age more promising. Staying healthy is.

If you have wasted enough time looking for ways to keep up with health, it’s high time you invested few minutes a day in it. And this eBook is your roadmap.

Read it online or get a pdf delivered to your inbox. All you need to do is click a button to signal us, you’re all set to get healthier.

We’d love to stay updated with your progress. So, don’t forget to tweet to us or give us your feedback in comments below.

P.S. Sharing is caring – share this eBook with anyone who you feel would benefit from it.

P.P.S. If you feel you are healthy, check your health score from this Fitness T20 test.


[1] Scully D, Kremer J, Meade MM, Graham R, & Dudgeon K (1998). Physical exercise and psychological well being: a critical review. British journal of sports medicine, 32 (2), 111-20 PMID: 9631216. (full text pdf). ^Back to Top^

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