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Train Lean like Brad Pitt: The Fury Workout

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Train Lean like Brad Pitt: The Fury Workout

He is notoriously known for entirely transforming his physique

Brad Pitt, the sexiest man in the world, is called that for a reason – He has the discipline to develop a lean muscular body to play a demigod in ‘Troy’, and also a ripped frame to play the protagonist in the ‘Fight Club’.

In celebrity circles, he is notoriously known for entirely transforming his physique in order to play a particular role. The huge transition in frame would take years for a normal guy in the gym to achieve.

However, with  discipline and careful structuring of diet and workout, he has can switch his built at will.

Preparing for Fury

fury: brad pitt workout

In October this year, we will be seeing Brad in an all new ‘avatar’ in the movie “Fury” as Wardaddy, a US Army Sergeant. He confesses that Fury was not as demanding as Troy where he had to film a lot of scenes bare-chested.

The role, however, demanded a lot of stamina because the shooting schedule was aggressive. Apart from the busy schedule, the war scenes also needed Brad to do a lot of running, ducking and sneaking. The challenge here was to build that stamina, strength and look like an army man.

Living true to his title, Mr. Perfectionist, he loves to look his best and do justice to any role. In this article, we are going to take a look at what this role demanded and how Brad structured his diet and workout in order to prepare himself for the movie.

Fury Workout

Brad followed a five day a week workout routine, splitting muscle groups and bringing in the right amount of cardio. The workout plan started 12 weeks prior to the movie filming.

If you plan on looking anything like Brad in Fury, your workout plan should be based on the following principles:

  1. Right mix of compound and isolation exercises.
  2. For building stamina: All exercises must be high set, medium to high repetition routines. (The idea is to completely tire a body part on one day in a week and then leave it to rest for the remainder of the week.)
  3. Cardio: at least one hour every day for cardio. (Spread this hour into three sessions throughout the day to avoid overheating the body.)

To develop a physique like Wardaddy, here is a workout routine that you should follow:

Day Focus Area Exercises Sets Reps
Monday Chest Bench Press 5 6-10
Incline Bench Press 6 6-10
Cable Cross Overs 6 10-12
Dips 5 Failure
Dumbbell Pullovers 5 10-12
Tuesday Back Wide Grip chin Ups 6 Failure
T-Bar Rows 5 6-10
Seated Pulley Rows 6 6-10
Straight Leg Deadlifts 6 15
Wednesday Legs Squats 6 8-12
Leg Presses 6 8-12
Leg Extensions 6 12-15
Barbell Lunges 5 15
Calves Standing Calf Raises 10 10
Seated Calf Raises 8 15
Thursday Biceps and Triceps Barbell curls 6 8-10
Seated Dumbbell Curls 6 8-10
Concentration Curls 6 8-10
Close Grip Bench Presses 6 8-10
Push Downs 6 8-10
One arm dumbbell triceps extensions 6 8-10
Barbell bench presses 6 8-10
Forearms Wrist Curls 4 10
Reverse barbell curls 4 10
Wrist Roller 4 Failure
Friday Shoulders Seated Barbell Presses 6 8-12
Lateral Raises 6 8-12
Bent Over Lateral Raises 6 8-12
Cable Lateral Raises 6 12-15
Abs Sit Ups, Leg Raise etc. 30-40 minutes

Fury Diet

When you are working out for 2 and a half hours a day, your diet should provide you with enough fuel to keep you going throughout the day. Brad made sure that he took a high protein, low carb healthy diet in order to maintain his fitness levels.

Anything unhealthy in the diet can result in a drop in performance. To support such a workout, you should take 7 meals a day.

Some features of the Fury Diet:

  1. Protein in each meal: Be it through supplements or through diet, each meal should have protein present as a component.
  2. Slow Release protein sources: Slow release proteins keep the body full for long. Some common sources are cottage cheese, peanut butter, casein, fish etc.
  3. Low Carb intake: Keep the carb intake to below 75 grams a day. This would enable the body to run on stored fat rather than getting energy from excess carbs.

Brad’s 7 meals a day Fury diet plan looks as follows:

Meal Inclusions
  • 6 eggs
  • 6 egg whites
  • 75g of oatmeal with raisins

Occasionally Brad would replace eggs with a Protein Shake if he had a very tight schedule

Mid-Morning Snack
  • Tinned Tuna
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 75-100 Grams Brown Rice or Pasta
  • Green Vegetables
Mid Afternoon snack (Pre Workout)
  • Protein Bar
  • Whey Protein Shake
  • Banana
Post workout
  • Whey Protein Shake
  • Banana
  • Grilled Fish or Chicken
  • Brown Rice or Pasta
  • Salad
Late Evening Snack
  • Casein Protein Shake
  • Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Indulge in moderation

Brad is very fond of McFlurry Shake from McDonalds, hence this was the only indulgence he allowed himself during the entire routine. He is also fond of beer. But, they were banned during the routine.

Brad’s Fury workout plan is a simple-no fuss plan with a clearly defined strategy. Even you can introduce its elements in your daily routine to get lean and muscular like him.

His trainer Gregory Joujan-Rouche believes “When mind and body connect, your body changes quickly”. He designs Brad’s workouts in such a way that they do justice to the discipline he displays while working out. No doubt Brad works really hard to build the right physique, but he is also a marvelous actor, another thing that comes naturally to him.

I am eagerly waiting to catch Brad as Wardaddy in Fury, what about you?

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