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5 Must Know Muscle-Building Tips for Beginners

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5 Must Know Muscle-Building Tips for Beginners


Beginners who have plans to enter the world of bodybuilding must start their journey by gathering enough knowledge about ways to gain muscles safely. This is crucial as these days it’s easy to fall prey to offers and scams that claim to help you to gain huge muscles in just a few weeks. The products that claim to offer such prompt results are usually useless and often result in serious side effects.

To make you a healthier version of yourself as you proceed in your journey of bodybuilding, we have put together a list of tips to gain muscles the right way.

1. Work With an Experienced Personal Trainer

This is the most important part. Indeed, it’s easy to find exercises online that will help you to gain muscles. However, as a layman, you are not aware of your body type.

Only a qualified physical trainer will be able to guide you on the right bodybuilding exercises for you. Additionally, they will also teach you how to perform those exercises using the appropriate form.

For instance, an experienced trainer instructs you on warm-up before exercise, cool down after exercise, and effective relaxing techniques.

One of the techniques used for relaxation by Modern-day bodybuilders is vaping cannabidiol. Vaping using a CBD vape pen may help you to relax your muscles and get rid of the fatigue resulting from the hectic workout sessions. CBD has also shown to be effective in treating anxiety and enabling better sleep.

Given the current lack of regulations in the cannabis industry, a lot of companies out there are producing cartridges with virtually no regard for health or safety, hence, it’s important to stay cautious and consult a registered practitioner.

2. Use Moderate Weights But Perform More Repetitions

Most beginners tend to do exactly the opposite as they feel using bigger weights will allow them to get faster results. However, the fact is that when you start, your focus should be on the maintenance of proper form.

As you are a newbie, you must give your body ample time to adjust itself to weight training. When you exercise with lighter weights, you will see faster results as your body gets enough time to adjust to your new workout routine. The use of lower wrights will also prevent the occurrence of injuries and thus, keep you safe.

3. Your Sets Must Be Consistent

When you perform sets make sure you use the same weight all through the set. As a beginner, you are not yet ready to try advanced training principles like supersets, drop sets, pyramiding sets, etc. Experiment with those advanced programs only when you have a good enough strength base and you are confident about using proper form.

4. Take Enough Breaks during the Week

To gain muscles safely, you must be ready to take breaks. To get good results, you will have to give your body lots of rest. This will stop you from putting too much pressure on your nervous system. An over-exhausted nervous system will stop your muscles from growing.

Ideally, you should exercise four times every week and take rest during the remaining three days. It would be good if you can exercise on alternate days.

5. Eat Right

You should stay away from supplements that claim to promote muscle growth. Instead, make your diet more nutritious. For instance, include enough lean proteins, fiber, and healthy fats in your diet. Get in touch with a dietician to determine what are the right muscle-gaining food items for you.


You should have realistic goals and must remain patient throughout your journey. Never expect to see dramatic changes just after you exercise for a few weeks. If your results are slow and steady, you are on the right path.

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