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A brief guide to body composition and body weight

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A brief guide to body composition and body weight


The status of your health and level of your physical well being is visible to the world all the time. How you look determines how the world looks at you.

The physical dimensions of your frame, the shape you have attained, the size you have become are reflections of your eating habits, activity levels and how you treat yourself.

If you have treated yourself poorly, people know it by looking at your body composition. Two people of the same sex and body weight may look completely different because they have a different body composition.

Here’s a brief guide on what comprises body weight and what kind of reduction scientific weight-loss programs aim at:


1. Weight of Skeleton

Underneath, we are all the same. Nobody is thick boned. All have skeleton, which is 11-14% of the ideal body weight. The skeleton is the basic frame on which we are built. No weight reduction is wanted here.

2. Weight of Organs

We have around 78 organs in our body and they comprise around 16% of the ideal body weight. Skin alone, the largest organ is 4%. Other organs like brain, heart, kidney, lungs, etc. are all very important organs, each engaged in its own important function that supports life in us. Obviously, they can’t be done away with. No weight reduction is possible here.

3. Weight of the fluids

Body is 70% water. Blood serum is 92% water. There are fluids inside the cells and outside the cells. There is lymphatic fluid, digestive juices, mucous, synovial fluid, etc. and all of these are important for optimal functioning of body. Dehydration reduces weight temporarily but it is a dangerous thing. No weight loss program would aim for reduction here either.


4. Weight of Muscles

Skeleton does not move on its own. Muscles bring life to it. Muscle is a metabolic active tissue, which gives us not only movement but also strength, functionality, speed and shape. A non-sense approach to weight loss leads to loss of this precious tissue.

This can lead to a person to suffer from nutritional deficiencies, weakness, poor motor muscle control, sagging skin and a host of new metabolic disorders. A scientific fat loss program always aims at preserving and growing the muscles.

No weight reduction should be aimed in terms of muscle loss.

5. Weight of the Fat

Some fat (lipid membranes, myelin sheath, fat in liver, etc.) is important for the body and rest is all excess fat. This excess fat or adipose tissue is a collection of triglycerides filled bags in body, under the skin and in abdomen area. They perform no important function. They just sit there doing nothing, making one huge and unsightly. We must get rid of this excess fat.

Therefore, we must always focus on FAT LOSS.


Muscle has density of 1.06 g/ml. Fat has density of 0.9g/ml. Fat is less dense. This means fat occupies more space in our body and makes a person look expanded all over. That is why fat shows more in mirror than on weighing scale.

Mirror is your best guide. Stop weighing yourself and start looking at yourself. Approach Fat Loss in a scientific way. This reminds me of talking about the larger picture. All scientific fat loss programs aim at:

  • Preserving and growing muscle tissue
  • Strengthening bones and connective tissues
  • Treating nutritional deficiencies with careful planning of macro and micro nutrient intake
  • Giving an anti-aging effect through correct choice of antioxidants
  • Creating strength, flexibility, grace and speed in body through right training mix
  • Making you look beautiful and radiant
  • Inspiring and educating you to embrace a fitness lifestyle forever

We wish that you get off that weighing scale, eat right, train bright and as you evaluate yourself in the mirror each passing day.

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