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The Scientific Way: How I Took My Biceps From 9.5″ to 18.7″


The Scientific Way: How I Took My Biceps From 9.5″ to 18.7″


After doing 5 different exercises for biceps (barbell curls, dumbbell curls, incline curls, Scott curls and concentration curls) a young boy walks up to me in gym and requests me to give him tips for increasing the size of biceps as someone told him that I increased my arm size from 9.5 inches to 18.7 inches. It’s true!

biceps buildingI told him that secret is to do only 1 exercise of biceps/triceps and only once a week.

He could not believe and thought I was joking.

I NEVER joke when I advise.

Here is the scientific explanation why my advise will work for him, and you, like it did for me.

The Science behind Biceps

Any muscle in human body grows in response to correct stimulus (right amount of exercise to do micro trauma in muscles that body can handle) followed by period of rest (72 hours at least) with supply of good nutrition (especially the first class protein).

The muscles of the Arm (biceps and triceps) become the most over-trained and least rested muscle.

The function of biceps is to flex the arm at elbow (elbow flex-ion) and that of triceps is to straighten the flexed arm (elbow extension).

Almost all back exercises (chin ups/pull ups, Lats pull down, rowing, etc) involve flex-ion at elbow, which is done by biceps. Most chest exercises (push ups, bench press, incline/decline press, dips, etc.) involve elbow extension, which is done by triceps.back exercise

So biceps get over-trained when we train Lats, say on Monday, and then train biceps separately on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Same goes for triceps: training chest on Tuesday and triceps on Wednesday or Thursday.

This scheduling does not only over-train the arm muscles but also deny them the rest to recover and hypertrophy (increase in size).

Scheduling your workouts in a scientific manner as per your lifestyle, body type, underdeveloped body parts, keeping your diet in mind, is the most powerful tool to boost your growth and shape your body. Otherwise, you would be wasting all those hours in gym, all your money on diet and all your energy exercising only to observe negligible change in your physique.

Your biggest workout blooper

The biggest mistake people make is picking up sample workout routines from the internet and following them without getting any results.

Some of these routines are completely unaligned with their fitness goals. Also, what I have noticed is that some of these sample routines are poorly designed and have bio-mechanically incorrect exercises too, which are not only outdated, but dangerous too.

I handle plenty of such cases where the muscular development was completely stagnant for years, and as soon as a scientific schedule is written down and followed, these people experience a sudden burst of growth doing half the exercises in half the time.

biceps exercise toolsMany of my clients are on 3 days a week schedule (because of their hectic lifestyle) and report tremendous improvement in their body shape, energy levels and their lab test reports. Diet plays an important role too and I have talked about it a lot in my previous posts.

This is how I took my biceps from 9.5″ to 18.7″

Now what is that one exercise that I do to make my arms become pythons?

Since poundage is one big factor of workout volume, I choose exercise that allows me to handle maximum weight. I do biceps with back and triceps with chest.

For biceps, I choose Barbell or Dumbbell curls, and for Triceps, I choose Close grip presses or triceps push down. Three sets is all that I do and allow the muscles good rest for more than 72 hours.

I also make sure I eat first class proteins to allow good protein synthesis in body and hence muscular development.

Women lifting weightsWomen don’t need to worry when they do these exercises. Because of the basic physiological difference, they respond differently to exercise.

They don’t make python arms, but awesome shapely arms which don’t appear hanging or flabby. Not training the arms is actually what gives women the arms of sumo wrestler.

Lifting weights is more important for women than men.

May your efforts take you to development and not inhibit it. May you get fantastic arms too.

Please do consider my advice and share with your friends who go to gym and want awesome arms.

Health, strength and shape to all. Amen!

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