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Look Out! You may be eating fat….


Look Out! You may be eating fat….


If you’ve been on a diet for the last two weeks and all you’ve lost is fourteen days! then what follows is just for you. Below is my humble attempt to shorten your list of the so called ‘sumptuous banquets’. You may be dieting main course but the shrewd snacks below may take away the diet out of your dieting if you aren’t aware. You may eat a grain and still undergo weight gain! So beware of fat your eat and watch out what’s beneath.Following are some examples of ‘GREAT CALORIES IN SMALL PACKETS’

  1.   Snacks: These comprise of  fried foods incorporated with oils that top the list of high calorie foods.
  2.  Processed meats: Internal organs of animals are high in fats and vitamins and hence these processed meats are high in calories.
  3. Fries: Potato fries may be tongue’s best friend while it is raining outside but have a large calorie count.
  4. Bread: Bread adds a tremendous amount of calories to the dish.
  5. Condensed milk: Sweetened condensed milk has much of its water removed and sugar added and this makes it extra rich in calories.
  6. Cream roll: A roll stuffed with cream may be just as large as your fist, but brings along a 100 calories with it and you’re all set for a  protruding belly!
  7. Candy: Candy contains a lot of sugary stuff and can hike your calorie meter significantly.

Advice below can help you combat the above mentioned issues:

  • Choose calorie-concentrated foods.

To have a moderate calorie diet, you can opt for these low calorie options:

  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • cucumbers
  • spinach
  • celery
  • cauliflower
  • peppers
  • onions
  • oatmeal

These can comfortably become a part of the diet without troubling your stomach. These green vegetables add a healthier flavour to your diet. It is essential to note that:

*  Instead of trim, drink whole milk

*  Instead of diet, drink “real” coke

*  Instead of olive oil on salads, have just vinegar etc.

No matter how big a slave are you to your taste buds, you should try to your best to eat appropriately for your health, medical conditions and fitness goal.


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