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4 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Plank Every Day

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4 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Plank Every Day


As long as exercises are concerned, there are times when the simplest movements can lead to the biggest gains in terms of fitness and this is definitely true with planks.

In order to perform a plank properly, you have to hold your body away from the ground and ensure that it’s in a straight line. If you’re someone who has never tried doing plank, it may seem to be an easy one but it is indeed deceiving. Although getting into the position of the plank may be easy but holding on to the position needs endurance and strength in your back, abs and core.

This is why it is said that planks are one of the best forms of workout as long as core conditioning is concerned but it also helps in toning your hamstrings, glutes and enhances your balance and posture as well.

If you’re still wondering whether planks work, you can try the 30 day plank challenge on Before that, check out the ways in which it helps your body.

  • Enhances performance and definition of core

Planks are undoubtedly an ideal form of exercise for your abdominal muscles as they engage the major groups of core muscles like the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus, glutes and external oblique muscle. With this you can increase your ability to lift weight, improve performance in sports and activities and also enhance capacity for waist-twisting and side-bending. Moreover, you will get a strong back and a nicely shaped booty.

  • Risk of incurring injuries in your back will be reduced

Doing planks will help build muscles and also ensure that you don’t exert too much pressure on your hips and spine. As per the American Council on Exercise, doing planks doesn’t only reduce back pain but it also gives better support to the back portion, particularly in the areas around the upper back portion. Planks, when done on different surfaces, can improve the effectiveness.

  • Boosts your metabolism rate

Planking can definitely be one of the most exciting ways of challenging the entire body as doing them regularly can burn calories more than any other conventional exercises. The muscles that are strengthened when done regularly help lose calories even when you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle. If you sit in front of the computer for many hours a day, it is better to do planks everyday to get an improved metabolic rate.

  • Your posture is improved exceptionally

Planks have a huge impact on improving your posture and this is indeed great news for those who are looking forward to get a strong posture. When you have a good posture, you can have your joints and bones in a correct position. Your joints will remain maintained and healthier and this will mean overall efficiency of muscles will be improved.

Therefore, if you’re trying to get fit within a short time, you should start doing planks regularly to reap the above mentioned benefits from one exercise.

  1. Awesome! Very informative article. I love planks too so I do planks almost everyday and my core has got much stronger.