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How To Beat Depression with Massage

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How To Beat Depression with Massage


A depressed emotional state is a growing problem among people of all ages[1]. Depression has become a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide.

Recent researches suggest that massage therapy can have a sufficiently reduce the effects of a pronounced depressive disorder, provided that it is carried out correctly[2].

Hence, professional massage centres like can be effective to combat depression and its symptoms. In this article, we explain how massage can help depression

Treatment without antidepressants

Recently, Swedish physicians have discovered that symptoms of depression are reduced under the influence of different types of massage. You can conduct therapeutic massage with the accompanying ailments.

Massage works effectively for patients and helps get rid of unpleasant anxiety symptoms, neurosis and fears. In one of the experiments, it was recorded that massage helped improve the mood by 30-40% in all participants, regardless of the intake of antidepressants.

With the help of professional massage, one can remove blocks – the results of prolonged stress, correct the activity of the endocrine system and return a person’s long-awaited calm and harmony. Massage can raise a person’s emotional tone, reduce the feeling of pain, get rid of anxiety and fear through a powerful release of endorphins.

What is the impact of massage on depression?

It is impossible to overcome depression completely with the help of massage procedures, but it is possible to get rid of the negative symptoms associated with it and improve the quality of life. Massage helps cope with muscle and joint pain, headaches, promotes relaxation, improves sleep quality and relieves emotional tension.

The procedure should be used in conjunction with traditional treatment, as massage does not directly affect the biochemical factors and mechanisms of depression, but reduces the side effects of antidepressants – sleep disorders, dystonia and tremors.

How to do Self-Massage?

According to Tibetan medicine, the palm area is a mirror of health. The fingers are responsible for the systems or organs of life. Applying pressure on the points of the palm can remove fatigue and depression, return vigor and good spirits. Gentle massage of the fingers, especially the ring finger, helps to get rid of stress and bad mood.

Hand massage can be done independently, anywhere and at any convenient time as the most effective morning procedure. First, the hands are vigorously kneaded in a circular motion, then the joints are warmed. The palm is massaged along the main massage lines, then the fingers are rubbed on the wrists, hands, preferably with a nourishing cream. Repeat the massage 5 times a day for not more than 10 minutes.


Massage can have an amazing effect on the person. The power of massage in practice proves the close connection between the human skin and brain, in the process of physical relaxation and improvement of the psychological state. And that too, with no side effects!

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