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How to Keep Fit and Avoid Allergies

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How to Keep Fit and Avoid Allergies


Just when you thought you have fought well through your cold and flu, there is another herculean opponent waiting in the corner, the hay-fever season.

If you have allergies, working out frequently won’t help cure you, but what it will do is help you get a strong grip on your symptoms.

There is no question allergies would make anybody miserable. Coughing, sneezing and wheezing can put a dead stop to all your plans. Moreover, apart from making you feel itchy and irritable, allergies can also have a negative effect on your energy levels, keeping you fatigued.

But the good news is that research shows – a steady paced workout routine can help minimize symptoms and help contain your allergies.


Useful Tips to Exercise and Keep Your Allergies in Check

The number one advantage of exercising regularly is the fact that it will help improve your blood circulation. What this will do is expedite the flow of allergens in your blood to be filtered out by your kidneys and sweat.

Living a sedentary lifestyle, and with allergies, is going to drastically slow down your blood circulation. You have to understand that allergens gather around in groups, attacking in a fixed position, and if they are not filtered out naturally, they will start to destroy the soft tissues around them.

Following a good workout routine – or just simply brisk walking can help eliminate these allergens out of your blood flow more frequently, keeping you allergy-free for a longer time.

Take the Weather into Account 

If the weather where you live is dry or if it is mildly windy, it is better to stay indoors and do some cardio on the treadmill. It would be a nightmare for you to workout outdoors in peak pollen season, especially when the wind is blowing hard.

So the optimal time you can work out outside is right after it rains, when the dust particles and pollen are settled on the ground.

Consider Working Out Early in the Morning 

If you are highly allergic, the best time of day to workout is early morning, and not midday. That is simply because early morning dew keeps the pollen from spreading around.

Types of Exercises You Perform 

Doing yoga outdoors is definitely better than running or performing cross-fit exercises outdoors for someone with allergies. However, there are still a couple of rules of thumb that you need to keep in mind to stay fit and allergy-free.

For example, always shower after you come back from your outdoor yoga class to rinse all the pollen sticking to your body, especially your hair. In addition, don’t forget to wash your workout clothes to get rid of any lingering pollen.

Furthermore, it is also optimal to use nasal saline a couple of minutes before you start your routine, this is especially important when it is pollen season. The saline will help rinse your nose, getting rid of any dust or allergens.

Your Asthma Will be Triggered by Pollen Exposure 

Be mindful of asthma induced by exercising, this happen when your airways clog or narrow in the lungs, which primarily happens when you are performing weight lifting exercises or high intensity cardio. This condition will cause excessive wheezing, shortness of breath, continual coughing, and other complications.

If you have asthma and want to continue safely performing strenuous exercises, it is better to take your medication (inhaler) 10 to 20 minutes before you head to the gym. The medication will help open up the airways in your lungs and prevent broncho constriction.

Hair Loss Treatments and Exercise for When Spring Returns

If your androgenic alopecia or hereditary pattern baldness is exacerbated by seasonal allergies, you may consider an optimal way to treating hair loss without having to put on topical medications. One of the most effective ways you can do that is via LLLT (low-level laser therapy).

Illumiflow’s hair regrowth device emits power red light wavelengths through laser diodes and helps restore your receding hairline, encouraging hair regrowth. It is FDA-Cleared and can drastically help reverse the symptoms associated with male pattern baldness. It is an over the counter treatment methodology and all you have to do is wear it on your head a couple of times a week to see results.

The Bottom Line 

It is always a great idea to push yourself into living an active lifestyle, allergies or not. By just understanding what you can and cannot do, you can easily tailor a good workout regimen be keeping these vital tips in mind.

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