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Are You Going to a Gym for the First Time in Your Life ? Here Are Some Tips

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Are You Going to a Gym for the First Time in Your Life ? Here Are Some Tips


Perhaps you have never liked to exercise or have always exercised at home. Whatever your case is, the tips on this list will help if you are joining a gym for the first time. The gym is a very positive activity for health since strength training can provide benefits both psychologically and physiologically. It is nothing special, but it will be useful to keep a few things in mind so that you can get the most out of your hour of exercise and see results fast.

Make Sure You Have Energy to Exercise

You will see that everyone exercises in a different way when you start going to the gym. Some will do it first thing in the day without having eaten yet, and others will do it at night, a few hours before bed. The truth is that as a beginner, you should not subject your body to extreme conditions. The best thing you can do is carry out your exercise routine with calories in the body so that you will not suffer from Hypoglycemia and have enough energy to carry out your entire routine.

There are nutritional supplements such as the bars from Honey Stinger that include delicious ingredients such as peanuts, oats, and honey, which will provide you with all the calories you need to exercise without interruptions. The Honey Stinger Oat + Honey Bar is specially made to prepare the body for physical activity, it is gluten-free and non-GMO and has 190 calories and 23 grams of carbohydrates. Eating this bar before working out will keep you active and strong all the time.

Wear the Right Clothes

Although at home you can exercise without much preparation, when you go to a gym you will want to wear the right clothes. It has nothing to do with fashion or looks, but exercise clothes are made in a special way that makes your entire exercise routine much more comfortable. Gym clothes will fit your body very well, so they will not fall down while you work out. These clothes are also made from fabric that allows you to breathe but will also dry quickly, so sweat will not be an issue.

Socks and shoes are also super important if you do not want to suffer mishaps while working out. Leave your Converse at home and better invest in shoes specially made for sports. These shoes usually have non-slip soles and are made of fabric that will allow your foot to breathe. Socks should preferably be made of cotton so your foot is comfortable and dry enough while exercising.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Advice

‘What should I do?’ That is one of the most common fears beginners have as soon as they set foot in the gym. ‘How do I use this? Am I doing it right?’. In each gym, there are usually guides to whom you can ask your questions or ask for suggestions on how to exercise. A good idea is not to attend at such a busy time so you can receive more attention from the guide. On the internet, you can also search for gym routines that fit your experience level and that make you improve physically.

You can also ask other people at the gym questions or pay attention to how they do their routines. You will likely find people willing to help since they started from the same place you are now. However, always try to follow your own pace. Do not be pressured by what you see others doing since they are probably at a much more advanced level. Start by doing simple things that challenge you, and gradually increase the intensity.

Establish a Routine and Set Your Goals

Think about what is your motivation to exercise. It may be that you want to lead a healthier life or you want to lose weight. Then, you can establish what is the goal that you want to achieve and how you will do it. Establish what days and times you will go to the gym and commit yourself to attending each date.

Celebrate your progress, and do not pressure yourself by seeing the progress of others. Focus on how you are feeling, how your mood is improving, and how your body is looking beyond paying attention to each number on the scale. Setting small goals and congratulating yourself every time you achieve one will keep you motivated every day.

Bring a Bag with Your Personal Items

This depends on the gym you go to, but generally, gyms have bathrooms where you can shower after exercising, so bring your personal hygiene items such as soap, flip-flops, and a towel so you can bathe comfortably. It is also recommended to bring a towel to put on the exercise machine while you use it so that it does not get covered in sweat.

This last point is crucial to take care of the gym facilities and not affect the experience of other people when exercising. Last but not least, always bring your water bottle to the gym. You will want to stay hydrated as much as you like, and while the gym probably sells bottled water, buying one every day could become a significant expense at the end of the month.


Before signing up for any gym, you should know that exercise is a matter of attitude. You must be aware that taking this step will require effort, time, and discipline. It is common to get discouraged the first time you set foot in the gym. It is normal to feel out of place surrounded by machines that you do not know well how they work, and everything can seem like a big obstacle.

To have a healthier body, you will need to empower your mind, set a goal, and trust in your chances of overcoming yourself. Once you put the gym into your routines, you will not be able to leave it. You will discover that the effort of going to the gym pays off!