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Apple iWatch- The New Fitness Tracker


Apple iWatch- The New Fitness Tracker


Apple Watch

I have a diamond studded watch and like all other watches, it tells me the time. But in case of the iWatch, Apple’s new innovation, it helps us to do more and to make the most of it. One look at this accurate timepiece and after reading its review I’d rather call it a masterpiece.

It helps you stay on schedule for any meeting or date, keeps you headed in the right direction with the help of its guide, and also keeps in touch with all you friends and family. The iWatch is a treasure chest full of apps that you never thought could be contained in such a small device.

The device is also your health and fitness companion and it continuously keeps thinking and working towards a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle for you to follow. It keeps track of your movement throughout the day and counts the amount of workout you gained from it in a day.

If you think that a normal pedometer could do the same, think again because the iWatch is one of the most accurate watches designed ever and exceeds more than what you expect. Here is a gist on how Apple made its new watch do it.

You move, it measures

The Apple iWatch combines the potential of an all-day fitness tracker and an advanced sports gear in a single device which can be worn all the time.

Unlike other sports gear which gauge our activities the iWatch can track a wider variety of the same because it is capable of collecting a wider range of data.

The watch uses an accelerometer to calculate the total body movement. and also has a custom sensor that can compute intensity by tracking the heart rate. In this case the GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone comes handy to track how far you have moved.

The iWatch sports edition comes with two fitness functions -the Activity app and the Workout app. Let’s have a look at what these apps have to offer.

iWatch activity and workout mode

The Activity App

The Activity app on the iWatch is furnished with a simple yet powerful graphic showing our daily activity. The screen displays three rings of which the move ring tells us how much calories we have burnt by just moving around, the Exercise ring shows the number of minutes of any brisk activity that we have carried out and the Stand ring displays the amount of time that we might have stood up.

In short the app goals at making us to sit still less, to move more and exercise hence making our goal about completing each ring every day. Now lets have a look at each function of the activity app individually.

1. Move: Every week, your watch from Apple will suggest a new goal for the number of active calories that you need to burn each day, based on your previous week’s history. You can either adjust the number up or down until it feels right for you. The Move ring comes to a close when you have met your personal caloric goal for the day.

2. Exercise: The iWatch calculates anything from a brisk walk to a sprint as an exercise. This function monitors how much of exercise you are getting in a day, each day, even when it is not a dedicated workout. The Exercise ring also closes up when the globally recommended 30 minutes of exercise is reached.

3. Stand: The Stand function of this truly amazing watch senses every move you take to stand up and then it gives you credit for doing so. Now who doesn’t like a pat on the back? This function reduces your sedentary time in a day and if you have been sitting in one place for too long it reminds you that you need to stand up and move. The Stand ring closes when you have stood for at least 1 minute in 12 different hours of the day.

The Workout App.

The workout app can be used whenever you are doing a dedicated cardio exercise routine. The watch displays real time statistics such as distance, time, calories burnt, and stride. You can set a goal for each each workout, and in return the app encourages you to meet your goals and gives you a brief of what you have been able to achieve. Let us have a look at the app’ s functions in detail.

1. Goals: Based upon your workout history you can set up a personal goal for yourself with the help of this function.You can always view your best workout effort posted, and if  you last ran for a period of 30 minutes then that will become one of the quick-start options. You can choose to select this quick start option for your next workout, increase or decrease the duration, or choose to set a different goal based on the distance you want to cover or the  number of calories you want to burn.

2. Reminders: The app sets reminders for you during your workout and has the provision to encourage you from time to time by informing you where you stand during the workout. The app is a motivational factor for you to reach new milestones as it gives a comprehensive summary of your workout .

3. Achievements: Don’t you feel nice to look back at all your achievements? Well that is just another feel good characteristic of this app. Whenever someone reaches a milestone in the Activity app or a personal best score in the Workout app the iWatch is quick to celebrate your success. You get to earn special badges for the number of achievements you attain. Track your progress over time on the iPhone.

The Apple Watch works as your personal companion, keeping track of your achievements over longer periods of time.You can always look back at your activity history, workouts and achievements according to the days, the weeks and the months. You can always navigate the details and have a look at your journey to the present time. With the iWatch you can also share your workout data and activity log with other third-party health and fitness apps with the Health app on your iPhone.

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