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A brief guide to Aphrodisiacs


A brief guide to Aphrodisiacs


You asked your partner to come home early this evening. You planned up a surprise evening for a sensuous salsa or you planned to dress like ahem the naughty school girl, a connotation to sexual fetishes.

And all this, just to revive your partner’s sexy side all over again. And you just didn’t want to goof it up. So you searched around on google – for “Aphrodisiacs” [1]- and landed up on this article.

You might have a few questions in your mind.

  • Will aphrodisiacs be worth it?
  • What is the extent of efficacy that aphrodisiacs can offer?
  • Do Aphrodisiacs have any adverse effects?

If you’re trying to find peace amongst such uncertainties concerning aphrodisiacs, we would encourage you to read more:

What is an Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac is a word derived from Aphrodite – The Greek goddess of love, sexuality, pleasure and procreation. The use of aphrodisiacs takes us back to the anecdote of Cleopatra, who displayed chauvinism towards saffron. Apparently, she is said to bathe in saffron to lure her lovers [2]. According to the famed Indian Sex Guide Kamasutra, aphrodisiacs promote the shrouding of private parts by honey and black pepper.

The efficacy of aphrodisiacs is ever debatable. Scientific Research does not claim any influence of aphrodisiacs in impregnating sexual desires in men or women [3]. Many scientists view aphrodisiacs as mere placebos that hit only the psychological edge of humans. According to them, gulping in aphrodisiacs is just like applying bandage to your tumor.

How aphrodisiacs work?

Aphrodisiacs work in either of the two ways:

  1. Arousing your mind or
  2. Sparking your sex organs by increasing the blood flow gravitationally

Considering how aphrodisiacs arouse the mind, Loneliness has to be the best aphrodisiac ever. For loneliness displays an unnerving urge of being loved which is exactly what aphrodisiacs are approached for. So the next time you find it difficult to get sexually aroused, you know all you’ve got to do is, isolate yourself in despair.

But that does not label aphrodisiacs, to be ineffective all together. Aphrodisiacs are folklore. There are certain edibles that do hit the bull’s eye.

Ginseng, Oyster, Spicy Chilies, scents of some kind, Herbs and drinks, etc have proved to have concrete effects in increased libido.

A certain kind of whale poop (yes!), powder of Rhino horns and Spanish fly to name a few, have also been used as aphrodisiacs. And the dung of crocodile also, to add to the grossness.

Before the discussion lingers on to become an endless argument, let us see, the list of aphrodisiacs differentiated on the basis of the category of myths or facts they fall in.

Aphrodisiacs Resembling Sexual Organs

1. Oyster

Albeit the scientific proof of this lusty aphrodisiac remains murky, since millennia Oysters have had their zenith maintained. Shamelessly resembling the female genitals, oysters leave no reasons to bag the top notch in this category of aphrodisiacs. Have you ever seen oysters? Haww, Is what you call out. Now when you get to ‘eat’ something of that sort, knowingly that it is an aphrodisiac, who wouldn’t you get ignited. Sexually.

2. Banana

Bananas, because of their obvious shape imitating every inch of the male reproductive organ, play on the mind. The Phallic allusions give banana the label of an aphrodisiac in many cultures. In India, banana is a revered fruit and is offered to their fertility gods. Islamists consider apples banana to be the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden.

3. Avocado

Uterus resembling fruit, Avocado is famously known for arousing the sexual desires in humans. When grown in pairs it also resembles the male anatomy (testicles). So to scoff, calling it a bisexual fruit should not sound offensive. The Aztecs, dubbed the avocado tree, ‘testicle tree’. Comprising of beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin E, A.K.A “sex vitamin”, Avocado endorses the ever craved, libido.

4. Cucumbers

Contesting its phallic appearance with banana, this libido injecting fruit has many more reasons to be used as an aphrodisiac. Along with accelerating the flow of blood in vagina, Cucumber also possesses Vitamin C and manganese that vouch for its aphrodisiacal properties. To add to the hotness, the fragrance of cucumber blended with black licorice, is exceedingly arousing to women.

5. Figs

A fig, to some extent is a mirror image of the female unmentionable organ, when cut through a longitudinal section. Stories go about saying that a man opening and ingesting a fig in front of his beloved, sparks off eroticism, pertaining to the fruit’s powerful aphrodisiac attributes. And all this while he’s naked. Well I won’t vouch for this one though. Haven’t eaten a fruit in front of a women. Naked. It contains iron and potassium, known for enhancing testosterone.

Aphrodisiacs Recuperating Erectile/Sexual Dysfunction

1. Sildenafil

The Viagra that people very fondly buy to enjoy that late night tango, is nothing but Sildenafil Citrate. It is Sildenafil which is sold by the name of Viagra. This is a drug that acts a remedy to erectile dysfunction. It pumps in blood into the male privates. Which is essential for ‘it’ to be an active participant throughout the adult play. It is very important to learn, that Viagra is a chemically made medicine which is also prescribed to the patients dependent on antidepressants. As these patients happen to suffer from sexual dysfunction, either due to their treatment or the illness itself. So the next time, you see someone crediting Viagra for the seductively awesome last night, feel free to smirk.

2. Ginseng

In a sexually sensitive world, a herb, a mere root emulating the human anatomy wouldn’t find it difficult to pave its way to being a successful aphrodisiac. Without any scientific evidence of Ginseng being an aphrodisiac, it has been doing wonders for the numberless nymphomaniacs out there, using this herb for their partners to equally complement them in sex. It is known to ignite some of the biochemical mechanisms in the body, opening gates for an increased libido. Ginseng is also dubbed ‘natural Viagra’.

3. Muira Puama

Muira Puama a.k.a “potency wood,” this plant has been found to increase male libido. However when combined with gingko biloba, another herbal pill, Muira Puama has been found to increase female sexual desire as well. The root and bark of the 15 feet something tree of this plant is used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotency. It is consumed in powdered or liquid form, or may be as a tincture. The capsules of Muira Puama do not break down in water, therefore they may show some side effects due to their dissolution in the digestive system. A much prominent side effect is insomnia.

4. L-Arginine

Known for rectifying erectile dysfunction, L-arginine is not any herb but an amino acid. It is the main building block of proteins found in chocolate and nuts. Often promoted as a Viagra alternative, this amino acid notoriously increases the action of Nitric oxide, just the way Viagra would do. Only minus the side effects. Some trivia acquired. Also, L – Arginine gives a lusty performance when taken with Yohimbe or pycnogenol. With Yohimbe it excites women sexually and L – Arginine with pycnogenol aids men with ED [4]. It not only increases blood circulation in the female genitals, but also to the much extremes of their bodies. L-Arginine is a must for any sexual cream in the market.

5. Yohimbe

A Native of West Africa, Yohimbe is the bark of a tree named Pausilinia yohimbe. Another aphrodisiac revered for its supreme ability to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Not just that, the bark would not spare you from staying young at heart. Yohimbe also amplifies the libido to an elevated extent. It is the most reputed aphrodisiac for the past 75 years, however over dosage of the herb comes with its own side effects. Medical consultancy is advised before gripping excitement over commencing it.

Aphrodisiacs Increasing Genital Blood Flow

1. Chillies

You can’t stop your partner from giving you that delicious look. Don’t blame them. It’s the kissable pout your spicy cuisine gifted you. Well yes, burning hot chilies are by far the best aphrodisiacs known for gushing in red hot blood into those sweet privates of yours. It not only raises your bodily temperatures but also irritates your urinary tracts, promising you the same feeling you get, when sexually aroused.

2. Ginger

A root of such aphrodisiacal prowess, that its mere scent can imitate the gateway to your sexual excitement. If I were to choose, I would have blindly opted for Ginger, because of the immediate effect it delivers. The way it tingles the tongue, makes it all the more sensuous. Increasing your body heat, Ginger gives you a sexual high by increasing blood circulation in your genitals. Using ginger in tea and adding it to food, is said to consume its aphrodisiacal attributes.

3. Scents

Scents are the strongest knot why you still memorize your ex. Bodily fragrances are known to cling you to the memories of the last night, no less than parasites. They not only enhance libido, but also rush in blood southwards, claiming their use as an aphrodisiac. Next time, make you partner remember you after your sex. Or do one thing, convince your crush to sleep in your shirt or Tee-shirt and see the tables turn for you. There’s a never ending list of fragrances that can climax your dirty intensions in the best way ever. Scented candles do the deal, but here’s another thing that can set you apart. A combination of water lily and jasmine, morning glory and honeysuckle, and vanilla and lavender can anytime vouch for a sex stretched to a sensually prolonged time.

4. Amyl Nitrite

Amyl Nitrite A.K.A., “poppers”, is contemplated to improvise sensations of orgasm, probably by increasing blood flow to the genitals. It is purposely inhaled for provoking sexual desire. To spice it up, men copulating with men sniff this sensual drug more while having sex. However, the recreational drug has more side effects than anything. It may cause dizziness, severe headaches, unconsciousness, and a drop in blood pressure that could be hazardous.

5. Nutmeg

Managed to spread its popularity in India, Africa and the Middle East, China etc., Nutmeg not only stimulates the circulatory system but is used as a multitalented luscious spice. It is used as a curer of nausea, skin disorder and shortness of breath. Along with men, it is also specifically termed as the ‘Viagra for women’.

Aphrodisiacs Releasing Serotonin

1. Chocolate

Chocolate – The ever sugary tongue sweetener may entice your sexual mood for the one reason that it contains Serotonin and phenyl ethylamine [PEA] popular as the “feel good” hormones or neurotransmitters, to be precise. But the reality says that you got to gulp in a significantly higher amount of chocolate to reflect the effect. Endorsing the result, Aztec leader Montezuma drank 50 cups of melted chocolate every day marketing his belief of attaining exaggerated sexual abilities. Eating the very tempting chocolates does not create libido, but it only makes you feel good because of the mentioned hormones released in the body. This feel good factor might just lead couples to follow a night-long humping and thumping. Or it may not as well.

2. Cheese

Gone are the days when dairy products were akin to just appending hefty flabs on your waistline. Cheese has evolved with its dirty intentions lately. Known to possess the ingredients of chocolate i.e. phenyl ethylamine [PEA], to as much as 10 times more. This forms the basis for the Italian culture to embrace it as an aphrodisiac. Its smell irks the sex hormones to pop out and make you do the deed.

3. Sushi (fish)

You know sea fruits are said to be Aphrodite’s offspring, as conferred by the Greek mythology. So all those sex maniacs, you better start worshiping and flattering sushi. You never know, mother Aphrodite gets impressed and bestows you with supreme sexual prowess. But you would not require to do that, as gulping Sushi will fill you with vitamins A, B, D, and phosphorous which are known to improve sexual function. Also, Vitamin E – the Love Vitamin. Salmon is rich in Omega-3s which increase serotonin production in the brain improving mood. And before you realize, you find your better half falling for those blushed cheeks of yours.

Aphrodisiacs Increasing Testosterone

1. Honey

When they say love is in the air, they’d supposedly be referring to the honey bees buzzing around in the air. Honey since 500 B.C has earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac. It is extremely well off in vitamin B (increases testosterone level) and Boron (metabolizes body and uses estrogen). Honey is known to have added its ‘sugary coating’ on newlywed couples to give them a boost prior to their very first sexual encounter.

2. Mead

Fermented by a sensual orgy of honey, water, berries and spices Mead is familiar as one gutsy aphrodisiac. Honey being the main ingredient of this lusty drink, therefore newlyweds were made to drink mead for a month post their marriage. Hence the word “honey moon”. It is an intensely popular drink in middle and Eastern Europe.

3. Banana

High in Potassium and vitamin B, the phallus resembling fruit leaves no chance to give a high sexually. B vitamins as learnt above, accelerate testosterone production, therefore adding a banana to your breakfast with a glass of milk might just ring the bells for you and your partner.

4. Oyster

Presumably oysters are a great boost to libido. Zinc can be credited for the apparent reverence of oyster as an aphrodisiac. Back in the days when diets were not as vitamin conscious as they are today, zinc from oysters contributed its talent to boost sexual desires. Oysters also contain tyrosine, a nutrient that helps in the production of dopamine, low levels of which are known to affect libido.

Aphrodisiacs Hazardous To Health

1. Spanish Fly

Immensely famous as an aphrodisiac but equally hazardous. Spanish fly is made from dried remains of beetles called cantharidin (will you still gulp it in?). It Irritates the Urogenital tracts, is toxic, inflates kidneys, serves gastrointestinal disturbances, Convulsion and to your scariest imaginations also can also cause death. The irking in the privates is so severe that it seconds the exact desire when sexually aroused.

2. Yohimbine

Not withstanding its own ability to treat erectile dysfunction, Yohimbine is toxic [5] in great amounts and is contraindicated in case of liver abnormality, kidney failure or hypertension. Never pop in as much amount as you like, always consult your doctor.

3. Mandrake

Resembling a phallus, Mandrake is the root of a tree of the Mediterranean regions. Besides being familiar as an aphrodisiac it also contains many toxic substances that can be fatal to life.

4. Bois Bande

Derived from the bark of a West-Indian tree, and of which the aphrodisiacal effects have never been proved, Bois bande may cause many side-effects.

Having read and known everything, it gets really important to bring oneself to the realization that aphrodisiacs are NOT recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

No scientific study ever vouched for their efficacy. However, on cultural grounds, aphrodisiacs have been playing the game psychologically or physically ever since the world’s inception. Even if you still feel like opting for an aphrodisiac from your local sex shop, it is advised to carefully examine its ingredients.

Incorporating a healthy diet rich in green vegetables, juicy fruits and many easily accessible edibles, fill you with nutrients known to invoke the same feelings as in a libido. Exercising contributes its talent in keeping you fit as a fiddle and thereby, boasting your self-confidence and bestowing you with energies required to last longer while mingling in your bed sheets. Of course, a good night’s sleep makes you ever ready to go sleepless with your partner anytime you wish to. A healthy person does not undergo scarce energy levels, which is a prerequisite for that passionate session. Fat or unhealthy people are more prone to a bad sex life.

Lastly, the best known aphrodisiac lies in the parameter of our brain. It acts exactly the way we direct it. Therefore, stay healthy, stay fit, sex frequently and stay happy.


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