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7 Water Workouts That Women Would Love


7 Water Workouts That Women Would Love


A girl jumping into the poolPhew!

It’s hot, it’s humid, and I’d rather be at the pool than anywhere else.

That is what I am like during summers. That is what we all are like during summers, aren’t we? I want to always stay fresh and cool and that means a big no- no to gyms and other sweaty workouts.

So what do I do?

How do I stay fit?

How do I avoid gaining those extra pounds around almost every part of my body?

I know how! I can workout while I swim and also turn it into my fun session with friends. Yes you are right, I am talking about water aerobics for a toned up summer ready body. So lets go and get ready for a dip in the pool.

But wait, before we go and take a dive in the  pool, let’s watch this video by Fitness Expert, Aubree Marchione,  about safety tips to be taken while doing water aerobics. They could be your life saver.

7 Pool Workouts Women Will Love This Summer

Important Tips

An esserntial and basic advice, before you delve into the tips that this video is going to give you is-

“Drink lots of water before diving into the pool. Just because you are in water it does not mean you will not dehydrate.

The 7 water workouts you have been waiting for

Now that we are entirely ready and geared up for a safe and healthy water workout, let us get started.

1. The hula- hoop

A good warm up and an even better exercise for cardiovascular health. No wonder why I chose to start with this workout first. It helps to open up your hips and get you going for the rest of the 6 other exercises coming up.

How do we do it: 

This exercise is very simple and all you have to do is circle your hips in one direction first. Repeat 5 times before you change your direction. For better impact you can decrease the circle size that your hips perform. Perform for 5 mins on each side for toned hips.

2. Water Cycling

This exercise is done towards the deeper end of the pool. so make sure you are wearing a floating belt or using a noodle to keep afloat.

How do we do it: 

To do this exercise we would need two water dumbbells and of course as we previously said a noodle or floating belt to keep you afloat at the deeper end.  Once you reach the deeper end of the pool, fold your legs and place the weights between the fold of the back of your knee. Keeping your legs in the same position, cycle your feet inside water. Perform for 10 mins for great toned legs.

3. Disco Moves

Dancing has always been a fun way of performing aerobics. Now dancing can also be done while you workout inside your pool. Let’s disco, shall we?

How do we do it: 

Make sure you are chest deep into the water so that you can get the maximum impact out of this workout. Now stand with your legs hip apart and take three steps ahead. start with your right leg and you will end your third step with the right leg and vice versa.

After the third step tap your right leg on the floor, extend to the side, and pull back to normal position. Now take three steps back, starting with the left leg and on the third step, tap your feet again, extend it to the left side, and pull it back inwards next to the right leg.

For added advantage use dumbbells to workout those hands while they are in water or you can add a dance move to match your legs. Perform for 5 minutes.

4. Just like a dolphin

This exercise is a great way to keep your legs and arms in great shape as well as to keep them strong. The movements are just like that of a dolphin in the sea.

How do we do it: 

To carry out this workout, you can either use a kick board or you can use the edge of the pool for support. In case of a kick board, place it below your chest and paddle your legs up and down simultaneously working against the resistance of the water. You can do the same by holding on the the edge of the pool.

Another way of doing it like a dolphin is by tying a floater around your waist and floating upright. Now alternately move your legs backwards and forwards while you carry out the same motion with your hands as well. The added benefit of doing it this way is that your hands are getting some exercise as well. Perform the exercise for 5 minutes.

5. Inverted Frog Kick

The inverted frog workout, as the name suggests, is performed by movement of our legs. The only difference is we would be lying on our backs. This is a good exercise for the back and core.

How do we do it: 

Wrap a noodle around your upper back, with both ends tucked under your arms. Lie on your back in water, keeping your knees close to your chest. Now push out your legs as if you were kicking and pull them in towards your chest again. Repeat 5 more times, take a break for 1 minute, and start again. Perform 5 reps.

6. Inverted scissor kicks

The inverted scissor kick workout is a great way to strengthen your core, back, and tone your legs.

How do we do it: 

Again wrap a noodle around your upper back, with both ends tucked under your arms. Lie back in the water and move your legs in a criss cross movement. Perform the exercise for 2 minutes, take a 1 minute break and repeat. Perform about 10 reps.

7. Jumping jacks

The jumping jacks that are done in water are similar to the one done on land. The only difference is in its intensity because of the water resistance. We can add some weight and do it in deeper levels for more intensity. This workout targets your core, arms, legs, and butt.

How do we do it: 

Stand with both feet together and place your hands on your sides. You can carry water dumbbells if you please. Make sure the water level at least reaches a little below your chest for maximum impact. Now, perform the jumping jacks as you would on land. Just keep in mind to always keep your hands inside water.

For those of you who are not aware about jumping jacks you can check it out here, or you can imagine performing the actions of making a snow angel in snow, only that you would not be lying on your back then. You can perform this exercise for 5 minutes, take a 1 minute break and repeat. Perform 5 reps.

There you go. You are all prepped up now and you know what you need to do which kind of exercise and for how long. So workout and have a lot of fun this summer. Get along a group of friends and do it together.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon for your feedback and tips. Do keep in touch. Have a happy summer. 🙂

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