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7 Healthy Habits You Must Have Missed


7 Healthy Habits You Must Have Missed


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Take care of small things and big ones shall take care of themselves[1]. Same goes with our habits. If we take care of minute habits then life shall take care of its own. But what shall be the small things? We don’t know. No one told us that having good and healthy habits can make our life a happy place.

Follow these 8 simple day to day healthy habits to have a better lifestyle with almost zero effort!



A diet heavy in processed foods can lead to numerous problems[2]. As well as the better-known obesity, cancer and heart disease. It causes rotten teeth, bad skin bad breath, constipation digestive problems, headaches, poor concentration, depression tiredness and anemia. Need any more impetus to give them up?


For each prepackaged item of food you buy and serve, try to make it a rule to add at least one food from its
original source[3]. For instance, if you buy coleslaw from the supermarket. Add your own fresh carrot tomato or spring onions for a health boost. Or if you buy a ready prepared pasta, serve it with a fresh spinach salad.


To avoid harmful processed fats, get in the habit of mixing your own healthy salad dressings. Try a mix of extra virgin olive or flax seed, oil white wine or balsamic vinegar, and a little black pepper or mustard. Yogurt is a tasty alternative for creamy dressings[4].


If you have a daily chocolate addiction, choose dark chocolate as it contains less fat than milk chocolate[5] and is higher in cocoa solids which makes it richer and means you’re likely to eat less. However it does have double the caffeine of milk.


Chew your food thoroughly — chewing, which breaks down the food into small chunks[6] and mixes it with saliva, actually kick-starts the digestive process. In this way essential nutrients are extracted from the food and digestion is more effective.


In order to limit your mercury intake which has been linked to brain damage in newborn babies and is thought to be toxic to adults, don’t eat more than two tuna steaks or four medium sized cans of tuna a week. It should be avoided by those who are intending to become pregnant.


If you’re looking for long term energy, for shift work or prolonged exercise, the best way to eat is to graze on small meals or snacks. This will keep blood sugar levels up without having to divert to much energy to the gut for digestion.

Well this was a brief introduction about the small things that you should take care of to have a happy life. But if you wish to have a better read then have a look at 29 smart eating habits of super fit people.


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