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6 Awesome Tips For Building Muscles

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6 Awesome Tips For Building Muscles


6 Awesome Tips For Building Muscles

Shedding your fat and getting those sexy six packs you’ve always wanted is now easier than ever. Though eating right is important to shedding fat and building muscles, working on your body with the right exercises will catalyze the process for you. We don’t have time to get those ripping muscles. We desire for quick results that are fast, effective and instant. You make big diet charts, include the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet while also making sure you eat small meals every 2-3 hours. But what happens in the end? No effective results. But today, we are going to help you to head in the right direction with tried and tested tips that will help you build muscles in no time. Get ready to show off a muscular physique that evokes envy wherever you go with these 6 bodybuilding tips.

There is No Such Thing As a Magic Diet

People looking to shed weight frequently wonder which diet should be followed for it. The truth, however, is that you need to customize your diet based on your body’s feedback. While there is no singular ‘best diet’, you need to figure out the best diet for you. Begin with a moderate protein and calorie intake and then make adjustments to find your ideal weight loss recipe.

Go Slow on Cardio

The general belief is that excessive cardio workouts are the key to success. However, diet is more important than cardio when it comes to muscle building. Make changes in your diet before switching to cardio. When you achieve consistency in fat loss, slowly bring in cardio.  Jumping to cardio before balancing your diet could lead you to lose muscle mass.

Drink Enough Water

The most obvious and freely handed out health advice. However, even the best of athletes and lifters often don’t drink enough water. Studies indicate that proper water intake could boost your metabolic rate by almost 30%. While you’re trying to shed those kilos, lack of water will slow the process. Monitor your daily water consumption and ensure it is in accordance with your weight loss plans.

Indulge in Heavy Weight Training

Light weight training is not going to do your health plans a lot of good. Choose heavy weights for working out as they help your body maintain its existing muscle mass. Push your body to its limits while trying to shed fat.

Lower Your Fat Loss Rate

It is best to lose fat at a slow rate of about 2 pounds per week. Rapid weight loss can lead you to lose muscle. Hence, lower your fat loss rate to bring your body fat levels to a single digit. Weight loss in the first week is always higher. So, wait for the second week to start making adjustments.

Follow a Cheat Meal

Follow a strict cheat meal or window diet to shed the extra kilos without losing muscle mass. Prolonged periods of dieting leads to a reduction in your body’s leptin levels. Leptin is the hormone responsible for the efficient working of the metabolism. A cheat meal will surprise your body and help in stagnating leptin levels. This in turn will help you burn more fat.

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