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5 Ways To Treat Dreaded Chafing During Exercise


5 Ways To Treat Dreaded Chafing During Exercise


Working out can boost your mood, give you pleasure, and reduce stress – unless you are left to tolerate the suffering discomfort of red, irritated, chafed skin that is! Being comfortable both physically and mentally during your workout is vital since you need to feel comfortable to be able to reap the plethora of benefits that exercise provides.

Chafing during exercise is extremely common, and can impact your mood and performance as it irritates your skin. No one wants to feel aggravated during their workout – or even after their workout for that matter – so we’re here to help. Here are 5 ways to treat dreaded chafing during exercise.

1. Wear thigh bands or bandelettes

Thigh bands, also known as bandelettes, are an excellent way to avoid thigh chafing during your workout and when exercising. They can be worn high on the leg when running to prevent chafing at the groin. Thigh and sports bands are typically composed of soft synthetic microfibre, a material that is ideal for minimising skin irritation produced by friction between the skin and the fabric.

You can wear them underneath all kinds of bottoms, such as tracksuits for men, leggings for women, or even shorts. They are extremely comfortable and breathable since they solely cover the region that you wish to be protected.

2. Gels and lubricants

While exercising, apply a gel-like lubricant to your thighs to prevent or reduce friction and chafing. You could opt for petroleum jelly, which is an effective anti-chafing treatment for thighs that is affordable and easily accessible to everyone. If you’re looking for a more specialist solution, there is a range of ointments and gel treatments that are designed to prevent chafing, specially designed for runners and athletes.

3. Prevent chafing with powders

Perhaps lubricants and ointments aren’t quite for you – either they don’t feel right or aren’t effective – powders could be the solution for tackling your chafing issues. Applying a powder-like baby or talcum powder, which is cheap and widely accessible, will absorb any sweat and moisture in the area you apply it.

4. Get the right fit clothing

When it comes to irritating your skin, running gear is all too frequently a part of the problem. Clothing seams might irritate your skin and make your rash or chafing worse by rubbing against the irritated area of the skin. If your running shorts are the source of the problem, try swapping to a pair that is a little longer or looser on the skin. Running shorts expose your skin and the length of them can increase the likelihood of your skin coming into contact with the clothing’s fabrics.

5. Stay hydrated

You are most certainly already drinking lots of water to stay hydrated during your workout – but did you know drinking water also aids in reducing chafing? Keeping hydrated minimises the amount of salt in your skin. When you’re dehydrated, your body has a greater difficulty flushing salts from your skin. Consume plenty of water before, during, and after working out so that you can work up a sweat and prevent salt crystals from forming, which can reduce chafing.

So, there you have it – 5 simple-yet-effective ways to prevent and treat the chaffing during exercise.

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