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5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Fresh After A Workout


5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Fresh After A Workout


Working out benefits the body in so many ways. However, it can also take a toll on your skin. Not having a proper post-workout skincare regimen can leave you with clogged pores, dry skin, and annoying zits.

Keep in mind that everything in the gym such as machines, free weights, bands, mats, etc are touched by different hands multiple times each day. The gym can be a dangerous place filled with sweat, dirt, and a lot of bacteria. You can never be too sure.

Taking a few precautions after each workout can make a big difference. To start, here are 5 ways to keep your skin fresh after a workout.

Keep You Hands Off Your Face

Avoid touching your face at all costs. Sweating helps detoxify your body, which also means that your sweat contains all the stuff your body wants to get rid of, including dirt, bacteria, and other foreign elements. In the gym, everybody sweats, and most of that sweat ends up on the equipment, and, if you touch your face after using gym equipment, that sweat ends up on you.

Moreover, make sure your hair is pulled back or kept away from your face. If not, hair products can drip down to your face and clog your pores.

Wash Thoroughly But Gently

Wash your face thoroughly after working out with a gentle cleanser. You can try Soothe + Soften Cleansing Emulsion from Well Within Beauty, which is a water-activated skin cleanser that effectively cleanses and purifies your skin of any traces of makeup and environmental debris without stripping the skin. Don’t be harsh on your skin by rubbing it too hard. Doing so will only leave it irritated and might aggravate skin acne.

Exfoliate Your Body

Aside from thoroughly cleansing your face, don’t forget to exfoliate your body, too. When working out, your whole body sweats and gets exposed to bacteria. Don’t wait until you get home before you clean your body. Make sure you shower immediately after finishing your workout. Use a deep-cleansing body wash to effectively cleanse your body to avoid clogging of the pores that may lead to body acne. Also, avoid showering with hot water, which might strip off your body’s natural oils. Instead, shower with lukewarm water to rinse off.

Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer

After showering, don’t forget to moisturize your face to replenish water lost during your workout. Use organic skin care products – which are gentle on the skin and free from harmful chemicals that will only contribute to the clogging of your skin. After showering, apply body oil and pat your skin dry for extra moisture absorption

Drink Plenty Of Water

Always drink plenty of water after any activity that causes you to sweat excessively. When working out, your body loses so much more in heated environments. Thus, adequate hydration is a must for your skin to recover.

In summary, maintaining a proper post-workout skincare routine keeps your face and body free of dirt, bacteria, and other impurities. You’ve done enough to take care of your body by working out, make sure you take care of your skin as well.


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