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5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make While Getting Started With Training


5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make While Getting Started With Training


5 common mistakes beginners make getting started with a workout routine

Have you ever experienced that you’ve been working really hard towards attaining a fit and muscular body or trying to burn fat but contrary to your expectations you do not achieve desirable results? Have you ever tried to ponder upon why things go wrong? Beginners usually face this problem because they aren’t always aware of the common pitfalls during muscle building exercise or fat burning exercises. But you shouldn’t worry now. We’ve got you covered this time. We will take you through 5 common mistakes beginners make getting started with their muscle building workout routine.

Mistake 1: Beach Body Syndrome

Unless you have huge biceps, rippling pecs and chiseled abs like a bodybuilder, your girls won’t love you and you won’t be the desired macho man. Do you think like this? Then this is your misconception. It is good to aim to achieve a better muscular body but in order to reach up to the benchmark falsely set by the society, newbies don’t follow the good way and instead look for shortcut methods to attain the perfect body such as training only the muscles or body parts that are visible and in turn, it harms more than it does any good. This is the Beach Body Syndrome. If you indulge in direct arm workouts and picking up heavy weights too early (this is ego-lifting, don’t get your ego in here), it can affect your back. So it is important that you should focus to train your entire body especially strengthen the legs and back first. Gradually, strengthening the lower body first and then moving to upper body workouts is the key to phenomenal physique.

Mistake 2: Neglecting Proper Nutrition & Diet

A healthy diet creates a healthy body but unfortunately people lay less emphasis on the necessity of a proper diet to be taken in order to get the perfect body. A moderate level of both fats and carbohydrates must be maintained in your diet chart, excess of either of these can have detrimental effects on your health. The individuals aiming to lose weight unknowingly consume sugar laden sports drinks after their cardio, turning it to a futile effort on their part because cardio workouts gets wasted due to the sugar consumption from such drinks.

Mistake 3: Daily Ab Marathon Sessions

Newbies spend numerous hours in the gym just working upon their abdominal muscles.  They need to understand that unless they get rid of the excess fat accumulated in their entire body, doing 10,000 crunches a day just on the abdominal region will lead them nowhere. More time needs to be directed towards the whole body with multi joint movements rather than ab workouts. This will have a twin fold benefit; burning your calories and increase in metabolism.

Cardio workouts are a boon when it comes to fat loss, doing it when you have an empty stomach works wonders as the body has low levels of glycogen and it uses the fats for energy. So balance weight training with your cardio training.

Mistake 4: Not Having A Plan

Always have a plan of what you are going to do before you enter the gym. All newbies should keep note of everything down in a notebook. This way you can easily split your workout knowing what muscle groups you are working on every day, a cardio schedule and also, keep a detailed record of your training done and the results including the sets, reps, weights used. If you fall in the trap of not planning ahead, you will just do whatever you want and it leads to lack of direction and hence, desired results will never be achieved. Pick a training or workout plan that suits you, take advice from your trainer and follow it religiously.

Mistake 5: Following the Champ’s Routine

Another myth that revolves around bodybuilding exercises is that if you follow the same training routine as the champions do, you will attain a body like them. Following the blogs of bodybuilders blindly and subjecting your body to different press and fly variations will yield no results. Over-training and zero gaining go hand in hand. One needs to understand that their genetic structure is superior, they have access to supplements and also that it is their full time job to be fit and presentable unlike a commoner who has to balance work and home.

Hence, if one keeps these mistakes in mind, it will be easier to work in a smart manner and attain fitness with desirable results instead of wasting time.

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