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3 Bodybuilding Supplements To Gain Muscles Faster

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3 Bodybuilding Supplements To Gain Muscles Faster


You have been working hard in the gym but muscle growth have become stagnant. You are finding it difficult to add another more inch to your muscle or wondering how to gain weight.

Do you wish to build muscle fast?

Do you want to be the guy or girl with attractive muscular bodies? 

If you are nodding your head with me and desire to have the best out of your muscles then keenly read these 3 magic bodybuilding supplements that can do wonders for you.

Muscle & fitness is achieved with proper diet and appropriate guidance. So, gaining muscle mass is the combination of progressive weighttraining routine with healthy muscle building diet.

Alteration in your diet with instigating a weight training routine affects positively on your hormonal state. It enhances the growth hormone levels, progress in testosterone intensity, enhanced cardiovascular capacity and essentially, advances insulin effectiveness.

If you desire to add muscle, it is vital that your insulin effectiveness remains in an upbeat equilibrium.

What are these supplements

Insulin is the solo hormone in our body that is liable for controlling glucose. Insulin promotes cells of liver, muscles, and fat tissue to adopt glucose from the blood, accumulate and it has glycogen in the liver and muscle. When your body reduces insulin efficiency, it will direct to store glucose into the fat cells instead of your glycogen

Weight training program, healthy diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats are not enough to have an impressive body physique. Choosing these 3 proteins in your supplement diet will definitely guarantee you to maximize your muscle growth and help you gain muscles faster.

  1. Chromium Picolinate:
You can easily increase the efficiency of insulin with chromium picolinate. Our muscles cells and fat cells possess receptor sites for insulin. Including chromium picolinate can advance muscle cell sensitivity thus resulting in the carbohydrates directing more towards your muscles cells instead of your fat cells. So your muscles receive more insulin than fat with this supplement.
  1. Digestive Enzymes:
Breaking down of food molecules are done by natural digestive enzymes that are naturally present in our body. An excess amount of calories is required to gain muscles so you have to consume larger portions.  Sometimes your digestive system cannot handle the surplus and thus the consumption of larger portion is no use.
To boost the nutrient utilization you should supplement digestive enzymes before consuming bigger meals. Whilst human body embraces natural enzymes for breaking down food molecules, but integrating digestive supplements in your diet always pay.
  1. Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA):
Inside every cell of the body is a fatty acid found naturally called ALA. To produce energy to perform normal functions of our bodies, we require ALA.
ALA is supportive in changing glucose into energy. Apart from playing the role of energy producer for our bodies, it is also an outstanding anti-oxidant and amplifies insulin sensitivity.
Because Alpha Lipoic Acid has such insulin effectiveness advantages, you must include it in diet, particularly if your carbohydrate intake is at its highest level.

Supplements are not the only key to build stronger muscles. To gain muscles, it is imperative that your body essentially takes better nutrients of your food with the essential supplements and weight training workouts.

Pull off some weights and a proper workout regime is a must to see these supplements doing their magic. They are beneficial to people who desire for increasing their insulin competence and advance better nutrient incorporation and utilization.

However, Supplements are NOT necessarily required to be used by every person. They should always be taken as per the directions of your doctor/trainer.

Supplements are beneficial to those who wish to increase their insulin efficiency and promote better absorption and utilization. Muscle building exercises with a right blend of supplement can really help you gain muscles.

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Last Update: 14th Aug 2014

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  1. Thumbs up fr this informative article but it would have been better if you could include the best food to consume in order to get these above mentioned three things (Chromium Picolinate, Digestive Enzymes and Alpha Lipoid Acid.) in our diet. An update in the article content including the food/supplement name(s) will be highly appreciable. Cheers 🙂