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11 Blissful Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect


11 Blissful Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect



Lets face it. Neither you nor me are any celebrity, and nor do we have any famous ‘money-and-beauty-fetching’ magnetic last names. We all are common people who everyday face common problems of mammoth proportions.

We don’t usually own the luxury of calling our lives perfect and shining, we are the people who credit ourselves with devising the phenomenon Living the moment, we are the people who relish burgers while ranting at a long trail of cars waiting for a little movement forward so we could reach office on time, our shopping trips are almost every time disappointing, we are left bullied and ashamed in front of our crushes and we are people burdened by expectations and targets that never seem to meet our level of efforts. (or if you are like me, you are someone hopelessly fantasizing about walnut brownie topped by chocolate syrup and vanilla ice-creme and nuts to munch endlessly while miraculously finishing this article in one go.)

So, lets take a moment off from our not-so-perfect daily lives and see around to find few good[1] (and random) reasons to breathe happy about.

First, there are absolutely no zombies (insanely random, but worth it). I mean, imagine shutting off all sources of light, amassing food like rats, always keeping a gun and knife handy and duh! inhaling gun powder on a daily basis. Can’t say about you, but I still haven’t come to terms with all those zombie movies.

Second, you are safely in your workplace (luckier ones, probably nestled at home) and no natural calamity has paid you a visit. (though I always dreamed about a flood flushing away all my home work, but when I actually got drowned by a flood did I realize how luckier I was to only worry about scribbling few pages) So, we all survived 2012, a rumor, that scared the shit out of us.

Don’t judge me selfish, if I say that the third thing I’m happy about is you (me, as well) having fully-functional sense-organs to be able to write and you, able to read the random shit that comes out of my mind. But anyways, it means you can see when someone smiles at you, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of music, you can feel the warmth of sun. We take these things for granted because most of us never felt raped off from the basic feelings like few unlucky ones I’ll mention later about.

And if we are at it, lets raise a toast for having a laptop (our loyal friend in loneliness), a fine internet connection, our government, the almighty (I mean, God not government), and of course, Michael Faraday (for his invention that changed the course of history, Electricity).
How else do you suppose to be reading this. Not to forget, you being on the greener side of literacy ratio[2], so you have access to stuff most people aren’t even aware of.

Be happy of not having a crappy DNA. I often, complain my parents how they didn’t bless me with the gene of tall stature but I can’t be thankful enough to them for not passing off the genetic defect of becoming another Tree Man (or woman) whose unusual disease still remains a medical mystery. (Our prayers be with him)

And finally, be happy that you are a common man and not some celebrity. You have peace. You don’t have to watch your words all the time lest it may be used against you by media to fuel up a controversy. You don’t spend every living moment living up to expectations of world rather how to get how to woo that girl. You don’t have to worry about world hunger, or world peace or plan a war strategy, neither you have to worry about screw-ups ’cause nobody is hawking in your personal space or pushing you to prepare for alien war.

You have to just sit there, sip coffee and read and surf some more before you could peacefully retire to bed. All because you are a common man. A common man with a rare luxury of peace,

’cause little luxuries, my friend, are of grandest importance. (I didn’t say that!)

So, Breathe! Eat! Party! It’s not a life of moments, its the life in those moments!

Carpe Diem!


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