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11 Low Calorie Sweets To Relish This Diwali

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11 Low Calorie Sweets To Relish This Diwali


Shops stuffed and decorated with the newest and yummiest desserts. With lusty eyes you skim through them, finally you find a little tart and feel its a match made in heaven. Unconsciously your hands move to grab your love, and Bang, a voice warns you from behind…

A moment on lips, forever on hips

Six words that always make you zip your mouth and you curse the moment you pledged to control your urges. Reluctantly, you take away your glance but your mind is still fixated on the tart that took away few breaths from your crappy life. Like a starving (read, Salivating) dog you cheat one more glance and walk away with heavy heart and yet heavier feet.

Enough of embarrassing. Apologies!! (though I feel I could have done better)

I’m not here to wish you a dismal Diwali. Its Happy Diwali for everyone and I bring you totally guilt-free and sinfully sweet festive treats. Try these 11  mouth watering low calorie Diwali sweets as a sweet cracker for the evening.


1. Sunshine Salad (210 Calories)

Three words to describe this low calorie dessert: Easy, Yummy and Beautiful. Feels too good to be believable? Why don’t you try it? A 3-minute recipe made from the fresh fruits like oranges and pine-apple. A look at it is enough to get your mouth watering.

2. Lemon Dessert (140 Calories)

Another easy to prepare healthy treat with goodness of lemon and richness of gelato that tastes like lemon meringue pie. A little hiccup though, Cook and Serve Vanilla is a rare sight in local stores but is available in abundance in any nearby supermarket. Make sure you add it to your shopping list.

3. Lemon Bars (175 Calories)

A word of caution with this dessert is use of Eggs (Yes eggs are healthy[1]). Other than that these tangy little yellow bars are worth every bite. A tip for vegetarians who are drooling over the sunny sight: Use Ener-G Egg Replacer instead of eggs and surprise your guests!

4. Cherry Merlot Granita (70 Calories)

A beautiful sight and a gustatory delight! A yummy treat for your sweet tooth made from the freshest orange and cherries  drenched in a fine syrup of merlot wine. Veggies can use non-alcoholic black cherry juice. Get ready for gulping up!

5. Lavender-scented Honey cream with Strawberries (135 Calories)

Your dose of lavender in lavish thick cream topped with flush red strawberries. Sweetened naturally with honey, when you satiate your eyes and taste buds cravings why keep the skin lusting. Let it glisten from the every goodness nature has to offer.[2]

6. Baked Rasgullas (220 Calories)

After you have had enough of lusting for the juicy rasgullas, give them an interesting twist by baking them. You get to enjoy all the texture and jokes that never stop coming, devoid of all the sweetness (Read, Cruel Calories). What more, you basket all the compliments, both for creativity and dedication towards weight management.

7. Pink Grapefruit Sorbet (145 Calories)

Get your essential dose Vitamin C with this sorbet that gets ready to gulp in absolutely no time. Cleanse your palate after a delicious meal. A finishing shot of balanced tangy flavor, this will become a hot favorite of your guests.

8. Kaju Katli (80 Calories)

A sweet that’s not so sweet. Savour the rich marzipan-like texture without usage of Ghee in this dessert, the non-conventional way. Cashews are high on cholesterol but low-sugar and zero ghee makes it worth a try.

9. Fudgy Brownie (147 Calories)

A dessert your kid can make for you. Rich, chewy, chocolaty, low in calories and high on taste. Indulge yourself in a bite here and there while you pack gifts for your guests. This Diwali, it just can’t get better than this.

10. Carrot Halwa with Beetroot (217 Calories)

Don’t add sugar, you’re already too sweet! I always tell my mom, but what do I tell my sweet tooth which always wants a bite of Carrot halwa? Found this amazing replacement of sugar for this dessert by usage of beetroot. Not only it gives halwa a natural light sweetness that lingers on for hours afterwards but grants a deep scarlet color which is a beauty in itself.

11. Ras Malai (230 Calories)

If you had been looking for an excuse to gorge upon the almonds and pistachios that you received in Diwali Gift Box, then this might be your chance. Surprise your family with your culinary skills by preparing this traditional sweet dish the modern way. Low-fat milk and low sugar content make it a must try.

Remember the starving dog-like human I mentioned above?

Well, I’m beginning to feel a li’l like that. So while I go, grab a bite of the desserts that have been calling my name since, the time equivalent to ages, why don’t you plan out your Diwali menu with this article: Food Planner: 11 Easy Points to Keep in Mind


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